Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rochester, NY

The Bop Shop - The best shop that I have been to in Rochester. Well organized, decent prices and the stock is in nice condition. I like the new location. Spent about a hour and a half here and walked with a nice stack of records. The girl working there was friendly. I will be back. Highly Recommended. 1460 Monroe Ave.

Record Archive - Super big store with tons of inventory. The higher priced LP's are on a wall cataloged like a library which makes it difficult to flip. The collectors records are hanging on a wall, some nice stuff there but a bit pricey. There are lot's of other interesting things in this shop as well, like a dinosaur and crazy gift items. I have been here twice now and only managed to find one LP I wanted. They have some 3 and 5 dollar LP's but they are mostly common. This place is fun to just walk around and look at all the stuff and there is lots of stuff. This place is certainly worthy of a good look. Recommended. 33 1/3 Rockwood street.


Lakeshore Record Exchange - This is a nice medium sized shop however I didn't find too much of interest to me. Lots of new vinyl, some second hand. I did buy several used 7 inch records very cheap here. If you are in town and have time, stop by. 370 Park Ave.


Other shops in Rochester that I didnt have the time on this trip to check out: (next time)

Record Time - 60 Crittenden Blvd #1305
Round Cat Records - 277 Mount Ridge Cir.
House of Guitars - 645 Titus Ave.
Needle Drop Records - 304 Gregory st.
Heavy Metal Records - 75 W. Main St.

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