Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Orleans, LA

Juan le Ger Record Shop and Art Gallery - This shop is only about one and a half years old. After speaking to the clerk Jeremy it turns out he worked at Music Surplus in Los Angeles for the past 10 years. For sure he has applied his vinyl knowledge to his own shop in the Algiers area of New Orleans. Right in the middle of a cool residential neighborhood and only a couple blocks from the ferry. The shop is nice, clean, well organized and reasonable prices. All genres. I came away with some real gems. Pay cash for even bigger savings. I will be back. 240 Pelican. Highly Recommended.

UK press

Euclid Records - Big store, lots of stock. I didn't find much in the LP department this trip except for a cool Alice Cooper boot. I did however do very well in the 45 section upstairs. I love the way Euclid classifies the 45's by record label. Brilliant. It makes it very easy to find what you are looking for. I still think the big brother store in St Louis is a better store but the NOLA shop is a real fine shop none the less. Their price tags are the same as the STL store which means they are a super pain in the ass to remove, if they have been on there for a few months and you are lucky enough not to damage your record jacket when you finally do remove them you will forever be able to see where the Euclid Records price tag once was. They should find a better price tag, these really suck.

Euclid have moved since the last time I was here, a few doors down on the same side of the street. Hipster neighborhood, the new space is much bigger and better, they even have a stage in the back where they host live instore performances. Highly Recommended. 3301 Chartres St.

Best record store bag award goes to Euclid

Domino Sound Record Shack - I really like this shop. Very reasonable prices. Cash Only. They never disappoint. This my second time here, both visits have been good. Always find good stuff. 2557 Bayou Rd. Highly Recommended.

Captain's Vinyl - I walk in and I smell cigarettes.Yuck. Small shop, looks like they are ready to get up and roll to a record flea market at any moment. All stock are in LP boxes. All genres, mostly common stock. I quickly find a few records at a good price and I leave. Dodgy neighborhood, a few characters cruising around on bikes who looked well, lets just say when I saw them I covered up my watch and put my cell phone away.

Skully's - A small shop in the French Quarter that seems to cater to the tourists. Punk, Metal, local music, etc. I only found a couple of small boxes of used vinyl on the floor, everything else was new. I didn't have to spend more than 4 minutes in here. 907 Bourbon St.


I took a side trip to the Superdome... and the Smoothie King Center where the Pelicans play. Hey Smoothie Kings, you may want to lock all of your doors because you left one unlocked! So of course I went into your arena, used the restroom and then took a stroll on your hardwood floor. No security anywhere.

This is what happens when you don't lock all your doors

Also see my previous post on NOLA record shops back in April 2011.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ocean Springs, MS

Maynard's Music and More-
Well, this shop is the only game between Mobile and New Orleans. I was en route to NOLA and I wasn't expecting much from Maynard's but was presently surprised to walk out with not one but two Psychedelic Furs bootlegs at a good price. How they ended up here is a mystery but they are mine now. Lots of common stock and prices a bit on he higher end of the scale, but you just never know so this place is a good place to take a chance. A friendly owner and just a couple miles off of the 10 freeway, pull off and see what you can find, who knows you might get lucky like I did. 2209 Government St, Ocean Springs, MS