Tuesday, February 11, 2014

St Louis, MO

3rd period Blues game...I just walked right in...ticket? I don't need no stinking ticket!

Euclid Records - Euclid have two locations, one in STL and the other in New Orleans which I have already visited and reviewed. The STL store is superior. It is one of my all time favorite record shops. I was introduced to them at a record swap in Austin years ago. They have the goods. All genres. Very helpful and friendly staff. I bought a few records, they even provided me with a box and boxed up my LP's for me. I have never walked out of this place empty handed. The jazz, classical, soundtracks used books are all upstairs in this new location. They have the collectible LP's mixed in with the regular stuff out on the floor. Finds: Autographed Frampton Comes Alive, Frampton boot, Eagles boot, various Iggy Pop 7"'s. Highly Recommended. 19 N. Gore Ave.

The upstairs Jazz room
Boot in shrink
Radio Promo
Eagles Boot


Vintage Vinyl - I really like this store on the Loop, however for some reason it just seems rather picked over. They do have a pretty good jazz selection but the rock section is mostly just common LP's. I do usually manage to find one or two used LP's here though. Friendly and helpful staff. Always worth a look around. Recommended. 6610 Delmar.


Record Exchange - OK, so I have been visiting STL for many years now but for some reason I never knew about this shop until now. This was my first time here. Their business card says they have been around "since 1977" and "one of the largest vinyl stores in the U.S." Well, it IS very large in what looks like an old office or bank building. It is packed full of LP's, CD's, DVD's and all sorts of other music memorabilia, the problem is.....it's all very common stock. I dug for an hour or more and found one LP. Just one. There were plenty of customers shopping around me but I didn't find much. I took lots of photos, the place feels cool enough but there isn't much in the way of quality stuff here. Euclid has quality over quantity, this place is the opposite. The king of common. Recommended if you want to dig but don't get your hopes up. 5320 Hampton Ave

The restroom was well decorated
Lots of black faced hi fi equipment for sale