Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Buffalo, NY

Peace Bridge to Canada

First Niagara Center

Record Theater - I was here in BUF a few years ago and hit several record shops but didn't find much. This time around things went quite well. Record Theater have a pretty good sized sales floor however do not waste your time looking at any of the LP's they have out for sale. Make a left turn around the check out counter and head for the blue door with the little sign that says "The Backroom". Go in there, that's where you will find the goods. The secret back room. They have a big one dollar bin, a new arrivals bin, Jazz, Soul, Rock, all genres as well as a dedicated bootleg LP bin. Good stuff. Good prices. I even managed to get invited into the "back room" of the "back room" where they have boxes upon boxes and pallets upon pallets of unprocessed and unpriced LP's. I even wandered around back there and found yet another back room, that's right, the back room of the back room of the secret back room.

Really nice and helpful people working in the secret back room. They will process your LP's in the back room and then you pay out front on the main sales floor. After asking, I was even able to use the "Employees Only" restroom. All in all, I had a very pleasant experience at The Record Theater. A high volume store with really nice people working there.

I didn't go to the other Record Theater location in BUF (3500 Main, Amhurst) but have heard that the LP selection is small. 1800 Main St. Highly Recommended.

2017 Update: No more 'backroom' action. All of the used vinyl stock is now out on the main floor. Bummer.

The Secret Backroom
Look at the fucking party going on in the Backroom

The Backroom of the Backroom

More of the Backroom of the Backroom

The Backroom of the Backroom of the Backroom
The Bathroom
A Boot

Another Boot
Canadian Pressing
Canadian promo

Canadian radio station give away promo

M&B Record Exchange - This place is a bit north of BUF but worth the extra few miles drive. Looks like a husband and wife operation. Most of the shop is dedicated to used vinyl and the selection is decent. Prices are good as well with a good amount of $6 LP's. I found a few bargains here. Good shop. 207 Delaware St. Tonawanda, NY. Highly Recommended.


Record Baron - The last time I was in BUF a few years ago I did OK at this shop, it does not appear much has changed here, however this time I was able to find nothing that I wanted. I did not have the patience to deal with the stacks of LP's all over the place, on the floor, on top of the bins that are stuffed so tight with LP's you cannot even flip through them.

The guy working there who I think may have been Dan just sat in his cubby hole made of LP's and appeared to be in a trance. I don't know why, there is work to be done here, the place is a mess, shit is piled up all over and it's out of control. The difference between this place and some of the other shops with the same space/hoarding problem is that Record Baron has good quality records. However, the prices are way out there. If he dropped his prices to a more realistic level he could sell some of his inventory and free up some space. Prioritizing the inventory may help with the space issue but no matter what he has more records than he does space. You need either a bigger shop or sell some of your stock, OR move some it to another location / storage facility, there are just too many LP's packed in this little space.  3048 Delaware. Recommended if you can take the hoard environment and the high prices.

Dan hangs out right there behind those boxes of records

You can't see him but the owner is sitting right there
Revolver - This was one of the more interesting record buying experiences I have had. The owner Phil sells on eBay and also at a local flea market. He will also open his warehouse which is his garage to you upon appointment. He is a super nice guy and made his garage available to me at 10am on a Friday in December. It was 28 degrees. As I was flipping through his records my fingers felt like they were going to snap off. Phil apologized for the cold weather and closed the garage door. It didn't help. I found a couple of records I wanted, paid Phil and retreated to the warmth of my car. Decent inventory, most prices seemed slightly on the high side but his stock is in good shape. 716-213-7604 Phil. Recommended.

2017 Update: Phil has moved into a proper retail space on trendy Hertel Ave.
A very nice space with lots of vinyl. I picked up some Nazareth white label promo LP's and some other cool stuff. Check this place out.  1451 Hertel Avenue Buffalo, NY

Spiral Scratch Records - Looks like he specializes in the punk genre but he has plenty of rock and some other genres as well. Small shop. I didn't find much that I wanted here but if I lived in BUF I would definitely make this place a regular stop. 291 Bryant. Recommended.


Media Man - This is an antique and used book store as well. Prices seemed a bit on the high side so I didn't hang around long. Meh. Nice neighborhood though. 234 Allen St.


Black Dot Records - Small punk rock shop located in the basement of a residential home. Strange but true. I looked around, didn't find anything I wanted and split. 223 Lafayette. Recommended if you are looking for punk rock records.

It's a house
In the Basement


  1. You forgot to mention Book Outlet and More at 1700 Main Street in Buffalo. They have one of the biggest collections of classic vinyl at only $1 (better quality that Record Theater has) The guy who works there is an actual DJ and really knows his stuff and is willing to always help out.

    1. The Book Outlet is a shithole!! I went in there, terrible selection. I learned upon talking to other customers that they put the good stuff online or hoard it. The records available are of poor quality.

  2. Odd question but for Black Dot ... since it's in a house, do you have to knock still? Or do you just walk in and follow the signs to the basement? I want to check it out next time I'm in town.

  3. Nice post. About 15 years ago (maybe more?) I came to Buffalo regularly on business. I found an old record store in a red barn out of town - had way too many records to look at in one trip. Any idea of its name?

    Also, you may want to check out my blog for more record stores http://recordshops.blogspot.com Martin

    1. I don't know the name of the barn. You have a nice blog, been to many of those stores

  4. Been collecting for a long time. Did you ever go to Midnight Records in your travels - they had a shop in Chelsea on 23rd street - and ran a record label for awhile mostly of garage revival as I recall. It was a really good shop - always had some good stuff on the turntable.

  5. Hey buddy. I am finally going to get rid of my collection. I wonder if you know how I might be able to do this speedily and efficiently? I've contacted a few Japanese stores and their buyers (probably a 4th of the collection is from there! hahaha kind of a reimport-export thing) --- I don't think the "Beat Swap Meet" will do. I'm really looking to sell in one huge lot.

    I'm also in Los Angeles.

    You can contact me here: soundadvocate@gmail.com

  6. Hi there...good blog. I live in the UK & come for a Road Trip to the US every year (Nov/Dec) completely dictated by Vinyl Record Stores !
    This year I'm taking in Vegas to Santa Fe (including Phoenix maybe). Do you know of any good outlets ? My passion is 45's (60's & 70's)


  7. You can have a look at my webshop

  8. I need to clear out hundreds of vinyl. Who in BUF buys vinyl in bulk?

    1. In reply to Dre & Karen - I buy records in the Buffalo area. Bob The Record Guy (716) 912-8703. I also sell records- at Antique World in Clarence NY.

  9. Records etc in Depew does. Can I have a look at the lot?

  10. Hey Everyone , I'm new here and this is really cool. I have around 200 45's in excellent condition. A lot of oldies mostly , one hit wonders , so the majority is 50's, 60's , 70's and some 80's. A lot of love went into this love of mine. Anyone interested? Also some solid LP's also , about 50.

  11. I contacted MEDIAMAN because i wanted to sell some old 78's and when the guy answered the phone he was sort with me and rude, not a way to treat potential customers 10 out of 10 thumbs down for these sour pusses

  12. Does anyone know a buyer that deals in old 78's that will give a good price please contact me at katiegirl801@aol.com with contact info

  13. Record Theater is closing the last store. They used to come all the way here into Cleveland years ago. They were a great store long ago.

    1. Yup, heard about that. Sad as hell! Used to shop there all the damn time!

      It also killed me when I was watching the Cannibal Corpse documentary & found out that Home of the Hits on Elmwood had closed about 2 yrs before!

      There was another store on Elmwood, btwn Utica & Hodge but I can't remember the name of it. They moved to Hertel but didn't last long there either & closed up in 2008 I think. Got the name? I know I'm gonna wake up in cold sweat tonight & remember!