Saturday, January 25, 2014

Akron, OH

Square Records - I've been in this shop 3 times now over the past few years. I will have to make this a regular stop. My last trip in they had some real nice stuff at very good prices. All genres but mostly rock, punk, etc. New and used vinyl. Good stuff. Nice owner. Highly Recommended. 824 W. Market.

Queen Boot

Elvis Boot

2017 Update:
Time Traveler Records - Nice shop, friendly owner/staff decent prices. I didn't pull the trigger on any LP's but on this cold snowy day I did find quite a few nice 45's at a very good price, had to dig but I found what I wanted. Thank you Time Traveler. Just a couple miles down the street from Square Records. 118 W. Market Street in Akron, OH.

Also, it appears Calhoun Records has closed. I drove there and there is a for rent sign. Called owner he said he closed the shop, hes buying and selling privately until he can find the right space.

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