Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pittsburgh, PA

Jerry's Records - I have been to Jerry's twice in the past 15 years. I did OK the first time here but that was in 1998. I spent two hours in here recently and struggled to spend $7. Jerry has tons of inventory, I mean there must be hundreds of thousands or a million records here but much of it could just as well be in the dollar bin. Lots of scratchy records and the stock is picked over, also the place is a bit of a mess. Jerry was a nice enough guy, and seems to be pretty proud of his store and inventory, but until the quality of his records and inventory improve I don't think I will be back here.
2136 Murray. Recommended to have a look if your in town but I wouldn't drive more than an hour to take a chance.

This is the first thing you see when you climb the stairs and walk through the door


Sound Cat Records - Small shop with a small used vinyl selection. I was about to bail but I'm glad I checked the used 7 inch inventory before I did. I picked up a few nice import 45's from Bowie and others. Otherwise I would not have found anything here. 4526 Liberty. Worth a look if your in town.


Mind Cure - Small shop on the second floor. I didn't find much here. They have a little bit in all genres but seem to specialize in punk and alternative. Worth a look. 3138 Dobson.

Attic Record Shop - I spent more than an hour here and found nothing. The LP's are mostly stacked up library style which always makes for difficult shopping. They have lots of inventory but from what I can tell it is common stock and high priced at that. It looks like they specialize in oldies. 513 Grant, Milvale, PA   Like the other shops in Pittsburgh, this place is worth a look if your in town but don't waste your time driving to Pittsburgh for the specific intent of record shopping because I'm afraid you will be disappointed. I was.

If somebody knows of some good record shops in Pittsburgh, I'd sure like to know.


  1. I've been to Jerry's. His best stuff all goes on his auction site and the rest hits the racks. The first time I went I thought I totally struck out, but then I noticed the "Just In" rack directly across from the register. I found for or five records that day. The next time I was there I just looked there and under the couple of bands I'm interested in the most bins. Took ten minutes to find every record I wanted to buy out of a million. I think I spent 30 bucks. At least he grades and prices things correctly and if you have a stack of records they drop the total price by usually around 20% or so for cash. But I wouldn't make a special trip there. You're totally right on that call.

  2. Dave's Music Mine was OK, but I really liked Amazing Books & Records, smack in the center.