Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Poughkeepsie, NY

I went into Darkside while it was still light out...

Darkside Records and Gallery -  I wasn't expecting too much from this town or this shop. I was going to be in town overnight so I checked this place out, it was a Sunday and they were open until 5. I ended up spending 3 hours in here. What a store. Really nice owner. They have the goods. Great selection. All genres. Collectibles. They have a cool kick back area in the front of the store and nice art for sale all over the walls. The only area where I have to give points off would be the fixtures that hold the LP's are made of metal plumbing piping. It is wobbly and the LP's constantly fall forward. Other than that, this place is grade A. They are also the only game in town. No NYC prices at Darkside. Very reasonable. I picked up quite a few LP's and 7" here. Highly Recommended. 782 Main st.
...and I left when it was dark



  1. You bought that Devo bootleg? I've had that since 198?. A gift from a friend. Boss.