Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brooklyn, NY

I found Brooklyn to be much better for record shopping than Manhattan. Just about nothing of interest over there, I mean, why bother? Brooklyn has better shops, better pricing and PARKING. I did't hit them all but here are the ones I did get to in order of preference.

Permanent Records -  I found some real nice records in here. I would have to say this was my favorite record shop in Brooklyn, They had the best inventory and the best prices. I was there when they opened the doors at noon and within minutes quite a few people came through the door. Highly Recommended. 181 Franklin St. (Greenpoint)


CO-OP 87 Records - Located right in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Real good selection of inventory. All genres. Found some nice 7" records in good shape at a real good price. Recommended. 87 Guernsey St. (Greenpoint)


Black Gold Records - This place doubles as a coffee shop hence the name. It would seem from the short amount of time I was there that they sell more coffee than records. The girl working was nice, I think she is probably the owner. The vinyl was a bit pricey but I found a few gems down below in the bargain bins. Recommended. 461 Court St. (Carroll Gardens)


Human Head Records - Small shop. Not a bad selection of inventory but very pricey. Not Recommended unless you have money to burn. 168 Johnson Ave. (East Williamsburg)   


Academy Records Annex - They have moved to 85 Oak street
Music Matters- No used vinyl here.

Other stores in Brooklyn:

Record Grouch
Heaven Street
The Thing
5th Ave Records & Tapes
Sound Fix

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  1. Sound Fix has closed. Ear Wax is another store in Williamsburg that you may have missed and Rough Trade has opened doors in WB---no used records.