Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Princeton, NJ

Princeton Record Exchange - So this week I see on the news that there was an outbreak of some new rare form of meningitis on the Princeton campus. If I would have known that, I wouldn't have stopped here. But I did and I bagged a few gems at The Princeton Record Exchange. Parking is not easy, there is a parking structure a block down on a one way street that charges by the hour, the meters outside the shop are for 30 minutes only. The store is well stocked with used vinyl, CD's, DVD and other stuff, all genres Prices were very reasonable on may items. Friendly and helpful staff. I spent about 2 hours in here but could have easily spent another hour. Points off for having industrial strength adhesive price tag stickers. Very hard to remove! But this shop does win the "Best Record Store Bag" award. What a truly remarkable bag. Heavy duty with reinforced handles and bottom. Highly Recommended. 20 Tular St. Princeton, NJ.

Best Record Store Bag Ever

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Philadelphia, PA

Gold Million Records - Interesting place. I read several reviews about the owner and what an asshole he is. He wasn't an asshole to me, although he does seem a bit strange. These the people here used to own Plastic Fantastic which was a top indie store in Ardmore for years, in fact the price tags and the shop bags still say Plastic Fantastic on them. There is a photo gallery on the walls here of all the back in the day bands who were there doing instore appearances at PF, The Ramones, Blondie, Iggy, Lou Reed, The Runaways, The Jam and so on. The store is the cleanest record shop I have ever been in. They also get the coolest record store dog award, it's some kind of giant poodle. There are all sorts of crazy tissue holders and lunch boxes and what not, that have stick on fake plastic jewels along with big price tags. I'm guessing created by the lady / wife of the eccentric owner. Just a guess folks. Whatever. The fake jeweled goods are taking up too much space because all of the rock LP's are filed like a library so you cannot flip through them in an efficient manner. The 45's you can flip through. Speaking of which, the 45's should have backings inside the sleeve to give them some strength, they do not so the top of the sleeves are starting to wear down. Some records are not priced so you have to bring them to the front counter for the owner to price for you.

They also have on hand a whole bunch of awesome autographed items and memorabilia. The place is like a museum. Prices are really up there for some items but there are also plenty of reasonably prices items as well. I found many good 7" and LP's. The best record shop in the Phili area for sure. This place is pretty far outside the city limits of Philadelphia a 30-40 minute drive but worth it. Highly Recommended. 851 W. Lancaster Ave. Bryn Mawr, PA.


Molly's Books and Records - Small shop on 9th street which is a cool street to be on. I found several good LP's here. Friendly people. Walking distance from Sit N Spin and you can pick up a cheese steak sandwich at either Pat's or Geno's on the way there or back. Highly Recommended.

Geno's located right across the street from Pat's and between Molly's Records and Sit N Spin

Beautiful World Syndicate - Dusty LP's. better than average prices. I was trying to buy a couple of LP's but the clerk was doing a record buy at that moment and I wasn't about to stand around waiting for that to wrap up, so I put my records back and bailed. He had two hommies in the back who could have done that for him, oh well better luck next time. Recommended anyway.1619 E. Passyunk Ave.


Philadelphia Record Exchange - Crate digging. Dusty LP's, no plastic sleeves on most of them so the covers are a bit worn. Looked and looked, finally found a couple of bargains here. Not much more than that but if I lived in Phili this would be a semi regular stop for me to come in a dig around. Recommended. 1524 Frankford Ave.


Long In The Tooth - Pretty difficult to find parking in this area. I finally did a few blocks away. They have lots of LP's here, good selection in all genres. On this particular night I did not find anything worth buying but I can tell this place does have good stock and would be worth checking in with periodically. Recommended. 2077 Sansom St.


Sit N Spin - Small punk rock shop. I walked right past it thinking it was a head shop which it is, but it's also a record shop. Mostly punk, some metal. I did find a couple of LP's here. Walking distance from Molly's and you can pick up a cheese steak sandwich at either Pat's or Geno's on the way there or back. Recommended. 1346 S. 9th St.

Pat's located right between Molly's Records and Sit N Spin

Repo Records - Super high prices. Mostly common records. Not so Recommended. 538 South St.


Liquid Vinyl Underground -This is a pretty weird place. Here's what you do to get to the record shop, FIRST: You walk through the pet store, pictured here:

SECOND: When you arrive to the back of the pet store, you walk down the stairs.

THIRD: Turn the corner and you have arrived. When I turned the corner there was a girl at the far end sitting in a very dimly lit basement wearing sun glasses. Do you see her? Working there in the very back with the shades on. I mean that was some funny shit right there. Very entertaining. I mean, how the hell do you SEE girl?!

OK, the LP's are mostly common so I didn't find much worth buying. Not very Recommended. 934 E. Moyamensing Ave.

AKA Music - So I walk in this place and the clerk is jamming a live track of  "Bridge of Sighs", I say "alright Robin Trower"....but that is where the fun ended. The store is a mess and the vinyl selection sucks big time. I am not sure how they stay in business, maybe they sell a lot of CD's, who knows. Totally lame store. Not Recommended.27 N. 2nd St.


Other shops in Philadelphia I did not make it to:

Main Street Music - 4444 Main St. 
Hideaway Music - 8612 Germantown Ave

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Poughkeepsie, NY

I went into Darkside while it was still light out...

Darkside Records and Gallery -  I wasn't expecting too much from this town or this shop. I was going to be in town overnight so I checked this place out, it was a Sunday and they were open until 5. I ended up spending 3 hours in here. What a store. Really nice owner. They have the goods. Great selection. All genres. Collectibles. They have a cool kick back area in the front of the store and nice art for sale all over the walls. The only area where I have to give points off would be the fixtures that hold the LP's are made of metal plumbing piping. It is wobbly and the LP's constantly fall forward. Other than that, this place is grade A. They are also the only game in town. No NYC prices at Darkside. Very reasonable. I picked up quite a few LP's and 7" here. Highly Recommended. 782 Main st.
...and I left when it was dark


Brooklyn, NY

I found Brooklyn to be much better for record shopping than Manhattan. Just about nothing of interest over there, I mean, why bother? Brooklyn has better shops, better pricing and PARKING. I did't hit them all but here are the ones I did get to in order of preference.

Permanent Records -  I found some real nice records in here. I would have to say this was my favorite record shop in Brooklyn, They had the best inventory and the best prices. I was there when they opened the doors at noon and within minutes quite a few people came through the door. Highly Recommended. 181 Franklin St. (Greenpoint)


CO-OP 87 Records - Located right in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Real good selection of inventory. All genres. Found some nice 7" records in good shape at a real good price. Recommended. 87 Guernsey St. (Greenpoint)


Black Gold Records - This place doubles as a coffee shop hence the name. It would seem from the short amount of time I was there that they sell more coffee than records. The girl working was nice, I think she is probably the owner. The vinyl was a bit pricey but I found a few gems down below in the bargain bins. Recommended. 461 Court St. (Carroll Gardens)


Human Head Records - Small shop. Not a bad selection of inventory but very pricey. Not Recommended unless you have money to burn. 168 Johnson Ave. (East Williamsburg)   


Academy Records Annex - They have moved to 85 Oak street
Music Matters- No used vinyl here.

Other stores in Brooklyn:

Record Grouch
Heaven Street
The Thing
5th Ave Records & Tapes
Sound Fix