Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cleveland, OH

My Mind's Eye - They have moved into a much bigger and better location. Now located in an old bank building. They still have all the goods. Always a really good selection of new and used vinyl as well as the best prices around. It's always good to see the owner Charles who is a very friendly and knowledgeable guy and talk music. I never leave here empty handed. Go see the new shop. Highly Recommended. 16010 Detroit Ave. Lakewood, OH

Even babies love My Minds Eye Records

Blue Arrow Records - For me this place has the best selection of used vinyl in Ohio. Prices are also very good. I always walk out of here with a load of LP's. He does consignment and has many very good consignors. Blue Arrow have other cool items like vintage music related books and magazines as well. The floor is awesomely tiled with LP jackets. They have a couch to kick back and relax on as well, so if you are with someone who is not into record shopping, well they can park their ass on the couch. Stop by and say hi to Pete and his friendly crew. Highly Recommended. 16001 Waterloo Rd.

(Fairly) Rare New Zealand Pressing
November 2014 Update:
A Separate Reality - A new shop in the hipster Tremont neighborhood. So, I walk in and it's just me and the owner. I start to have a look around and the shop phone rings, the owner is speaking to somebody about directions to the shop. He tells her to park outside and that he will step outside to have a look at the records she wants to sell him after the customer who is in his store leaves. I guess that was me since I was the only customer. The lady pulls up and comes inside, she starts chatting away, I keep shopping because he has lots of records. I keep on shopping and they both keep on waiting for me to leave. After about 15 minutes of the waiting game the owner says he will now look at her records which are parked right in front of the shop, I am left alone in his shop to browse. So, I snap a few photos and proceed to steal everything that will fit into my pockets. Just kidding. I did snap some photos though.

The pricing in this shop is as follows: most records are either $8, $10, $12 or $15. There are some collectibles for much higher. Anything that is not priced is $5 bucks. A pretty good pricing structure. Do check all records carefully since a lot of this inventory is scratchy. I had heard from a friend of mine who owns a shop in CLE that the owner of SR shop goes into his shop and buys the cheaper records and takes them back to his shop and marks them up. Not cool since that shop tries to keep prices down for his customers. I also heard that SR bought the inventory from Royal Garden Records which is cool since the guy at Royal Garden was delusional about his prices (see below post). Anyway, after about 2 hours I came away with a whole bunch of $5 jazz and rock records and a couple of collectible Ramones promos as well. Owner also gave me a couple for free. All genres are here, well classified and owner spins real vinyl in the store. I have to say I do like this store, my other favs like My Minds Eye and Blue Arrow now have a real competitor. Recommended.  2678 W.14th St., Cleveland.



THE LOOP  - Nice shop. They serve coffee and there are lots of tables and chairs so you can hang out. They sell CD's,books and new and used LP's. I did find a couple of good ones here at a reasonable price. There are 2 floors, the better LP's are upstairs. Loop is located in the Tremont area. Highly Recommended. 2180 W. 11th

Hausfrau Record Shop - Nice small shop. Been in here twice now and still havent been able to find something worth buying. Prices are kinda high, the records that aren't priced high are scratchy. 1393 W. 65th.


The Exchange - They have all sorts of second hand stuff in here, mostly video games. The vinyl selection are pretty much common records. I have only found one or two records in this place over the years so I don't bother going in there any more. 15100 Detroit Ave Lakewood, OH

Music Saves - Primarily new indie rock vinyl. Not really my bag so I don't frequent this establishment. A few steps down the street from Blue Arrow Records. 15801 Waterloo Rd.

Record Den - Lots of common records for two or three bucks. Records on the floor. Smells like a head shop. It took me 15 minutes to figure out this place was not for me which was 10 minutes too long really. I won't be back. Mentor is about 20 or so miles east of Cleveland. The locals here pronounce the city name "Menner". Pretty ridiculous, I mean sound it out people MEN-TOR, just like the mighty MENTORS band. They aren't the "MENNERS", they are the "MENTORS". 7661 Mentor Ave Mentor, (not Menner) OH.


5/1/2014. I understand that Royal Garden Records is no more. I knew this guy was high...

Royal Garden Records - I am unsure what this guy is smoking, but it must be some really good shit and he is high as a mutherfucker. He has 100,000 records on hand. The LP's start at $15.50 but most are $20. They are all common garden variety. Who would pay these prices? A Journey LP....$20. How about an Aerosmith LP for $20? No? How about a Woodstock soundtrack triple LP for $45. I asked about the pricing on his 45's, the dude told me to bring them to the front to be priced. Why waste our time sir? You are totally high. I got the hell out of here and fast. Super lame. 23812 Lorain, North Olmsted, OH. Not Recommended.


Also see my 2011 post for Cleveland.

CLEVELAND March 2011


  1. Let's call the Pistols record fairly rare mmm K?

  2. I buy most of my new records at Music Saves. She keeps the stock rotating, and just because you see something for a month, doesn't mean it will be there next month. Special orders are no problem, and while the used pickings are slim, if you keep up with them on email or facebook and they buy a good collection from someone, they'll let you know as they hit the floor. I went in to pay for special ordered stuff and didn't have any more money and she held a beautiful copy of The Pagans - Buried Alive for me until the next time I was in. But they aren't primarily a used record store.

    Next time you're here you should check out The Loop in Tremont. It's a coffee house, but they have records upstairs. Used is mixed in with new, and I usually seem to find something I want (though for used stuff I do better at Blue Arrow).

    Good to see Record Den has a copy of Artful Dodger's first album - I think that's a Cleveland requirement. I thought you were picking on us with our pronunciation of Mentor, but you're right. It's a silent "T!"

    1. Actually, most of us seem to call our town "MEN-ter"

  3. I have a record collection of about 550 albums I am trying to sell. I prefer to sell as all inclusive, but will consider selling separately. Contact me at my google e-mail acct and I can send you a lisst of what I have left. As with most collections the condition varies from very good to poor. Mostly classic rock but have non mainstream groups like Del Amitri, 10CC, Be Bop Deluxe, City Boy. etc

  4. I have a couple of Beatle Bootlegs I'd like to get rid of. One is called File Under (I & II), and the other is No. 3 Abbey Road N.W.8. A lot of the cuts ended up on the Anthology series CDs. If interested I can send you photos. You can contact me at my Gmail act

  5. I used to live in Cleveland ...crazy brings back memorys!

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