Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix has many really good record shops all in pretty close proximity to each other. It would take about 2 days to hit them all. Also see my other PHX posts here:


Record Room - I have been to Phoenix too many times to count how did I miss this one? What a great find in Scottsdale. Trendy part of town. Small shop, good prices, great stock, they gave me a 10% discount without asking because I purchased quite a few LP's. All genres. Friendly staff. Great shop. I will be back. 4211 N. Scottsdale Rd. Highly Recommended.

Revolver Records - I have been to the 2nd street downtown location many times which is always good. I find out now that they have another location in Tempe. Smaller than the other store but new and clean with pretty decent stock as well. I found some bargains here. 3306 S. Mclintock Dr. Highly Recommended.

Eastside Records - This was a cool shop. The owner is a nice guy but he does talk A LOT. The place was a bit of a mess. I recently received an email from him saying they were closing down for the summer and looking for a new location. He had good stock and decent prices. Recommended.

October 2013 UPDATE: Estside Records have moved into the Double Nickles Collective. I have not been there but it sounds like a cool idea, much like Portland, OR has with Crossroads Music.

The Double Nickles Collective is a collective of local businesses under one roof, including records, books, vintage clothing and audio equipment. 45 W. Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ
Vendors include:

Stinkweeds Records
Eastside Records 
Meat Market Vintage Clothing
Redfield Records
Stereophonic High Fidelity
Ash Ave Comics & Books 
Strange Pursuit
Record High
King of the Monsters Records

Tracks in Wax Records - I have never walked out of here empty handed. They never disappoint. Highly Recommended. 4741 N. Central.

Stinkweeds - This place has a pretty good selection of used vinyl, however they are all shrink wrapped so be sure to check condition at the front counter. Walking distance from Tracks in Wax. Recommended.  12 W. Camelback Road.

Taiwanese pirate pressings

Doors boot

Sparks UK pressing

Other PHX shops

Zia (4 locations)
Record High
Half Price Books
Thrifty Joe's


  1. When I "hunt" records I usually find what I want via my record dealing contacts. But I get really inspired to go to record shops looking through this blog. The problem is I haven't got so many shops here in Stockholm. At least not that sell high-end jazz vinyl that I'm collecting. Guess I have to go to the States or Japan for that. I have a little blog as well about my jazz vinyl collecting here: http://www.fwrarejazzvinylcollector.com


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