Thursday, May 30, 2013

San Francisco, CA

There are plenty of really good record shops in San Francisco and the Bay area. I have not been to them all but here are some of the ones I have visited recently. Also see my October 2011 post for San Francisco/Bay area. Most of the SF shops are within walking distance and it's always fun and easy to get around SF by riding their wonderful bus system, the MUNI, cable cars or the BART.

Grooves Inspiralled Vinyl - This is the first time I have been in this shop. I will definitely be back. This small shop is a bit on the disorganized side, the clerk or owner was a nice enough guy and when asked, helpful but on this day seemed rather absorbed in a book he was reading. He should probably get absorbed in getting his shop a bit more organized. The stock in this place rules. Way better than anything going on at Amoeba. Get things straightened / tightened up here and you may have the best shop in San Francisco. I walked out of here with some real gems. That hasn't happened for me at any Amoeba store in years. All genres, market prices. 1797 Market Street. Highly Recommend.


Recycled Records - Always a good idea to stop in here. It's just a short walk down the street from Amoeba. Reasonable prices, good stock, all genres, good people. 1377 Haight Street. Highly Recommend.

Streetlight Records - They have 3 locations, San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Cruz. I have only been to this shop. It is a good one. I would go back for sure. All genres, reasonable prices. Friendly and helpful staff. Watch your head upstairs if you are 6 foot or taller or you may bump your head on a beam.  2350 Market Street, Highly Recommended. 


Amoeba Music - New and used super store. Lots of goodness in here however, for years now I never manage to find any real gems. Generally overpriced and picked over but I always walk in and have a look around anyway and usually find something I want. 1855 Haight Street. Recommended.


Rasputin Music - So far the only Rasputin store that matters is the Berkeley location. They have the goods as far as used vinyl. The Powell street and Haight street stores are a huge waste of time. When the Haight street location opened they put a few good items in there, but now it just sucks. Not sure why they are there, maybe to go head to head with Amoeba? No contest. To take advantage of the tourists? They must be making money but I don't know how. Must be the CD's and /or the DVD's. The used vinyl selection is awful at both Powell and Haight street. Not Recommended.
Haight street
Powell street

Groove Merchant Records -  High prices on most everything. They specialize in Jazz and Funk. I won't be back. Always lot's of shoppers in here, it's not for the bargains that's for sure. 687 Haight.  Not Recommended.


Other San Francisco shops I have not been to yet:

Jacks Record Cellar
The Explorist International Records
Force of Habit
Aquarius Records
Thrillhouse Records
Reverb Records
The Music Store

Haight Street art


  1. Thrillhouse is a great punk rock shop, I can't wait to go back

  2. Was a long term big spending customer (like 10 k over a 20 year period ) at Streetlite Records San Jose. Their staff has been disrespectful and treated me like dirt the last 12 months and I recommend against shopping there .