Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chicago, IL

 Chicagoland Record & CD Collectors Show - I have been to this show once several years ago, it was good then and even better now. Lots and lots of sellers. It seems bargaining is mandatory here as I heard lots of people engaged in some serious record buying negotiations. There is an "early bird" 6:30 am $10 price if you wanna get up with the early birds and start digging. It appears this show is held 5 or 6 times per year. It takes many hours to go through everything. There are some good deals to be had here. Some sellers are in outer space with their prices but many have very good prices. All genres. There are a few other record shows in Illinois, look them up on the Record Shows of America website. But for sure check this Chicagoland show out. Best Western Chicago Hillside 4400 Frontage Road. Highly Recommended.


Reckless Records - Reckless now have 4 locations since they purchased Cyklopx in Forest Park. This trip I went to all of the Reckless locations except for the Downtown Madison location since it was St Patties day and there was no parking anywhere to be found. Drunks dressed in green, yes, parking, no. The Broadway shop did not have much to offer this time nor did the Milwaukee location. However, the newest store. WOW. Made out like a bandit there. Totally cherry picked it. The manager Gar and his assistant were real nice and helpful even hooked me up with some boxes so I could get my LP's home. Next time in Chicago, this place will be one of the first stops for sure. All genres, good selection, decent prices. Highly Recommended.  7511 Madison Street, Forest Park, IL.


Hyde Park Records - Nice shop. All genres, they have plenty of soul, reggae and jazz too. Nice people, While standing at the register, I was having a conversation with a guy from the UK the Hyde Park clerk overheard that I was not from Chicago, he gave me a 10% discount just because. Now that's hospitality.
Did really good here this time, picked up some really nice LP's. 1377 E 53rd. Highly Recommended.


Record Breakers -  I always do well here and as always I picked up a couple of nice boots. Not much else to report, they do stay open late until 11pm though. 2109 S State St. Highly Recommended.

Dusty Groove - This place has a real good selection of LP's especially Jazz, Brazil, Latin, Funk, Soul which is what they specialize in. I found several really good Jazz and Bossa Nova titles here at a decent price. Highly Recommended. 1120 N Ashland Ave.


Old School Records - Just happen to be walking by this place after hitting up the awesome new Reckless Records down the street. Not a bad shop. The owner could do well by organizing the place a bit more. The LP bins pretty much suck as you can see in the photo. I did manage to find a couple of good LP's at a good price. All genres. Recommended. 7446 Madison St., Forest Park.


Laurie's Planet of Sound - Did not find anything this time around, in fact I may just skip this place next time I'm in town. There are a ton of really good record shops in Chicago and this one didn't have much to offer this time. 4639 N Lincoln.

Val's Halla - This lady is a real trip. Loves to talk. Seems to enjoy bagging as well. A know it all. Her stock is not very good and I am unsure how she is able to stay in business, perhaps she owns her building. Very entertaining but I won't be going back here. 239 Harrison Street, Oak Park.

Raff's Record Riot - Man oh man. What a cluster f*ck this place is. Beat up LP's with high price tags. Very amusing. A real riot. I will not be going back. The owner is a nice guy but the place is a mess. He has no organizational skills and seems delusional with regard to his prices. Not Recommended. 4350 N Cicero.

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Other Chicago shops I did not have time for:

Kstarke Records
Jazz Record Mart
Gramaphone Records
Favorite Records
Groovin High
Village Records
Shake Rattle and Read Book
Borderline Music
Out of the Past
Oak Park Records
2nd Hand Tunes
Vintage Vinyl Records
Lets Boogie Records and Tapes


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