Thursday, March 28, 2013

Denver / Boulder, CO

Another trip to Denver, home of the weirdest airport in America. Basically, there are 3 really good record shops in Denver, the others do not matter much so do not bother wasting your time.

Book store
Record store

Black & Read - Honey hole #1. This shop was a new discovery for me. What a pleasant surprise, I had hit every other record shop in Denver and Boulder, this one was the last one on the list. They came through big time. You can plan on spending hours here. There is a large rather disorganized used book store attached to the record store. The record store has all genres, well stocked and generally good prices as well. I left with a large box of LP's. The skinny little dude with the long hair working the counter really likes to talk, he was super helpful and even allowed the use of the store restroom. Next trip to Denver, this will be the first stop. They have another location that I understand it is only open on Saturdays and has more of the lower end quality LP's in stock. Bonus points to them for not shitting a pink Twinkie when I took some photos of the inside of the shop. This place kicks ass. Black & Read = Highly recommended. 7821 Wadsworth, Arvada, CO.


Twist &Shout - Honey hole #2. Still a huge store packed full of goodness. This place never disappoints. I walked out with a nice pile of cool LP's. You can spend hours in here. All genres. Highly Recommended. 2508 E. Colfax Ave.

Wax Trax Records - Honey hole #3. A bit dusty and some of the LP's are a bit beat, but I like this place, every time I'm here, I do OK. Picked up a Dutch Tubes picture disc, a Stones French pressing LP and some other cool records. Highly Recommended. 638 E. 13th Ave.


Angelo's CD's & More - So I'm in my first Angelo's CD's and More shop in Aurora, CO. I'm checking out the vinyl, next to me is a guy with his two young daughters probably 5 and 7 years old. So, we're all standing there looking through LP's while we listen to hip hop blasting out of the store speakers with F bomb lyrics dropping left and right. Nice. Dad cringes every time he hears an MF bomb.

Alright, so the vinyl selection sucked big time, poor selection, way overpriced and the condition was real bad. So I give up on the used LP's and walk away when I become fascinated by the extensive selection of knives for sale. What in the hell do they need to sell knives for? For the Denver area Rocky Mountain hunters and trappers? I guess I know now what the "& More" in the company name stands for. I snap a photo. That's when hip hop homie manager dude wearing his Expos ball cap crooked rolls up on me axing me why I'm taking pictures. "Hey man, you can't be taking pictures up in here", man, who you here wit'? "Hey look here, lemmy see the photos you took"! "Hey, you can't be coming up in here taking pictures all sneaky and shit"!

Whatever dick. You're an asshole and your store is a shit hole. Shit hole #1. In fact all of the Angelo's shops are shit holes, I know cause I went to all of them. If you want an 8 foot long bong, a weed pipe or an OJ size knife, they have that. Vinyl? Forget it. This is a head shop that also sells knives. If you want vinyl, I suggest you go to Black & Read, Twist & Shout and Wax Trax. 

Knives....and swords, we got 'em

More knives


Wanna stab someone in the neck? Cut a mutherfuckers head off? We got what you need

Atomic Records - Vinyl selection is lame
Second Spin - Lots of CD's, decent prices, small used vinyl selection
Independent Records &Video - Semi lame vinyl selection
Tradesmart - Super lame selection of used vinyl, lots of CD's

Also see my April 2011 post on Denver 

Boulder, CO

Albums On The Hill - This place is a mess. No real organization and the condition of the vinyl is questionable. The altitude must be getting to this guy because his prices are crazy! 1128 13th St. Boulder. Not Recommended.

Absolute Vinyl Records and Stereo - Nice looking shop. Helpful clerk. Prices were a bit out there. Did not find anything I wanted. All Genres. 5360 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder. Maybe.



  1. I have close to 700 records I've inherited, looking to sell them all, anyone thats interested please contact me all ranges of music jazz country dance classical and classic rock. Theyve been kept inside and in decent condition.

  2. Great blog & good insight! I'm new to the area as well as vinyl collecting. I'm definitely taking your advice and staying clear of Angelo's. That was too funny.

  3. Thanks for this. I live just south of Denver and am just starting out in vinyl Angelo's was going to be one of my first stops. Appreciate the article.

  4. I'm trying to sell my vinyl collection. Pretty outdated stuff. Mainly hip-hop and rap. Had them since mid 80's, alot of old school. Run dmc, fat boys, public enemy, easy e, nwa, too short, ice t, kid n play, salt n peppa, Mc lyte list goes on. About 70 in all. Don't know the condition they have been in storage since mid 90's. Trying to get a good deal, tired of storing them. Any suggestions?

  5. I'm trying to get rid of mine also. Country/Western, Jazz, Classic, Musicals/movie themes. Oldies. Sell

  6. I have an autographed inscribed MJ Thriller album from 82. Anyone interested?

  7. Such a great post, Denver looks like a wonderful city!Denver is so repair

  8. Got a few doubles could sell or swap at rock jazz . Looking for Zappa music. Thx

  9. Got a few doubles could sell or swap at rock jazz . Looking for Zappa music. Thx

  10. I have 100+ LPs to sell. Everything from Tammy Wynette to La Boheme with Frank and Ella in between. Do you know who buys LPs?

  11. I am trying to sell 2 uncut and never heard reels of Eric Clapton. If interested please contact me at

  12. Younger children love going to the Children's Museum of Denver and the Tiny Town & Railroad while others who are a bit older enjoy going to the Downtown Denver a car Denver under 25