Monday, February 4, 2013

Seattle, WA

Silver Platters - They have 3 locations. I've been to all 3, for me the best one is the Queen Anne location on 5th Ave. The 1st Ave location have lots of what appears to be overstock product. The Bellevue location is the smallest of the three but they do have some descent stock there. The Queen Anne location is big, really big they have everything you could ever want there including pricey collectible vinyl on the wall behind the front counter. Big selection of everything in all genres. The vinyl is mix new with used. Highly Recommended.

2930 1st Ave. S
1500 NE 8th Bellevue
9560 1st Ave NE Seattle

Bellevue location
Everyday Music - This chain store has locations in WA state and OR. Super big and well stocked, tons of LP's and CD's and DVD. They do mark the condition of the vinyl on the price tag, Good, Fair, etc. However, as is normally the case, there is nothing good about good. Fine is well, not that fine so check your records carefully. I did manage to walk out with a pretty big stack of vinyl. Another tip, parking in SEA kinda sucks. They have a system where you get a timed ticket out of a machine they place on every block like NYC, you stick the timed parking ticket on your window. I had just remembered to check on my car because time was about to run out and there hovering around waiting was a SEA parking enforcement officer, (nice try) I was able to add more time to the ticket with about 3 minutes to spare, so don't get too distracted while you shop at EM or you may have a nice parking ticket waiting for you when you leave. Anyway this store and this chain are Highly Recommended. 1520 10th Ave.

Parking enforcement lurking right there outside of EM, what a surprise

Jive Time Records - Nice small shop, friendly and knowledgeable owner and staff. They have a larger auxiliary location down the street in a antique mall, but all I ever found there were scratchy common records. This shop has quality not quantity. I have always left with something here. There is a good vibe here. You can park up in one of the neighborhoods as it is hard to find parking here. All genres represented. Highly Recommended. 3506 Fremont Ave N.

Easy Street Records & Cafe - This shop have only the west SEA location now since the closure of their Queen Anne location, which is just as well since I never really found much to purchase in the Queen Anne location anyway. The cool thing about Easy Street is they have a cafe with a great menu. Everything on the menu is a reference to music in some way, such as the "Soundgarden Burger" or the "Culture Club" Sandwich. The cafe is also attached to the record shop so you are actually eating inside a record shop. If there is a wait to be seated you can leave your name and shop for music. I like it. Prices are decent and all genres represented. Staff are friendly as well. The vinyl is upstairs. 4559 California Ave SW. Highly Recommended. 

East Street Cafe

Georgetown Records - Not a big shop but a good one. All genres represented. A new arrivals bin when you walk in the door. Lots of cool punk rock stuff. Friendly owner. A small book store attached. I have found some gems in this place for sure. 1201 S Vale. Highly Recommended.

Wall of Sound - Pretty much a hipster record shop. Did not find anything I liked here. In and out in 5 minutes.

Bop Street Records - Massive selection of vinyl. However, prices are massively WAY out there. Check condition because he is selling some scratchy stuff. Friendly owner who talks a little too much. 2220 NW Market St. Recommended if you can afford it.

Sonic Boom Records - This joint is across the street from Bop Street Records. Nice shop, all genres, decent prices kinda reminds me of a mini Everyday music. I found a few LP's here. 2209 NW Market st. Recommended.

Neptune Music - If paying super high prices for scratchy LP's is your bag, then this is your kind of basement. I would not bother going back to this place ever again. Packed full of old VHS tapes and dusty fucked up records, I mean what's the point here? I looked for 30 minutes, found nothing, snapped some photos, talked shit and left. 4344 Brooklyn Ave NE.

Radar music and Hair - About the second most weird record store I've ever seen. It's a hair salon and record store combo. Check it out. 2724 1st Ave S.

Golden Oldies Records Tapes and CD's - This place looks great from the outside but that is where the fun ends. Dusty overpriced scratchy records. If I owned this place, to start with I would have to throw out half of the inventory. The bin cards are made of nothing more than wafer thin cardboard which does not do the trick. Sorry dude. "You like tapes and CD's" ? Well.....CD's NUTS!    201 NE 45th St. Not Recommended.

Here are other Seattle area record shops that I was unable to visit:



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  2. Congratulations on a helpful and informative blog. I only wish I'd been aware of this blog earlier in my vinyl buying life. Then again, I don't know if this great blog was up and running five (10?) years ago. Thank you for a much needed and no-nonsense guide to buying used vinyl in the Emerald City.

  3. WoW!! I am now aware (after perusing your "older posts") that this is a much more informative and helpful and intense blog than I first thought. WoW!! again!
    Good on you! What a service for vinyl junkies around the world.

  4. Is this the "Vinyl Countdown"?

  5. Can't believe you dissed Golden Oldies. That is by far my favorite store for used records. For new stuff, I go to Silver Platters.