Thursday, October 11, 2012


 Charlemagne Records - Not a bad shop, they just weren't very well stocked with anything uncommon. They did have some rare LP's but most were pretty common and the prices were way up there. Most LP's are in the $7 range but some were $14 and even $20 for common records. Pretty funny. I looked around for awhile and then bailed. If you are in town, this place is worth a look, but it is not worth getting off the interstate for that's for sure. With their prices, I don't know how they stay in business. 1924 11th Ave S. 

Renaissance Records - This place has better prices than their competitor down the street but the records are even more common here. If I were you I wouldn't bother. They have lots of used books here, you may do better in that dept. 1919 28TH Ave S Ste 107.

Tuscaloosa - Oz Music 
This shop has about an even mix of new vinyl to used. The new is better then the used . They do have quite a bit of left over RSD product at good prices. The used product is way over priced and very common. Do not bother going out of your way to visit this store which is the only record store in town. 
The Chinese restaurant a few doors down isn't much better even though they claim to be authentic, if you want it cooked authentic you had better tell them before hand otherwise your going to get "Gringo Chinese". Blah. 506 14th St. Not Recommended.


  1. Hey, welcome back! I've got relatives in Alabama and I've never found a record worth buying in the entire state. I figured Tuscaloosa might have something decent because they have a pretty good music scene there, but I guess not.

  2. Hello, thanks! If you remove the university in Tuscaloosa, there wouldn't be much left in that town.

  3. I shall continue to follow this Blog and your vinyl journeys and hopefully will get to visit some of these places and record shops

  4. Thought these are bookstores with one look. Alabama is sure a state of old country songs, with all the big lasers and vinyl all over the room.

  5. I have some very great vinyls of which i kept from my grandfathers collection. I dont know the price of them but some of them i know are great finds and someone would love them. I can be reached at