Sunday, July 1, 2012

Santa Barbara, CA

Warbler  Records and Goods - Cool shop. Decent stock especially in the bootleg dept however the prices here are pretty high. If something is cheap, check the condition. Neither of the two shops in Santa Barbara have any real bargains probably since the cost of real estate here is so high. This shop is just a block off State street away from the crowds. I did find a POLICE boot here at a good price, they had some super cool collectible punk 7"'s on the wall for well over $100 each, The Bags, Black Flag, X. They also have some HI-FI gear for sale here and apparently fix and sell turntables as well. The owner is nice and helpful. Highly Recommended.  131 E De La Guerra St.


Just Play Music - This place is on State Street and had more of a head shop feel going in than record shop complete with hippy curtains in your face when entering. They did have some semi decent stock but also some pretty crazy prices as well. $40 and $50 bootlegs in crap condition. Most of the records did not appear to be in great shape but they had high prices on them anyway. $1 records anywhere else that were $8 and up. I know the rent is high here but come on. Worth a look but be careful of the condition. Bootlegs used to be very hush hush, if a shop did have them, they had them in the back and then you had to have a good relationship with the owner to get back there and get a look at them, sometimes you could find them at record flea markets unless of course the F.B.I. made a bust on the bootleg dealers. Thanks to the internet, nobody seems to care anymore about bootlegs. This shop has them for sale right out in the open.  619 State St.



  1. Hello,
    I have over 1200 classical vinyl records for sale. I acquired them from an estate sale in Montecito. All are in EXCELLENT condition. Circa 1970 and older. Some are from the turn of the century. Classical, piano, and string composers: Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Chopin, etc. Many opera musical box sets: Faust, Madame Butterfly, Reggeletto and more. Aldo, some big band era records. Too many to count. Playback is EXCELLENT- they have been well cared for!! I'd like to sell the whole lot of 12 u-haul boxes for $600 or Best Offer. I am located in downtown Santa Barbara. Please reply if you are interested. Thank you for your time!


  2. would you concider records from my Mother's Estate? if not then can you give me the name of someone. I am in Ventura

  3. I have a tremendous record collection from my mothers estate. Circa 50's to the 80's. 78's and "Race Records" as well.

    1. Hi… Are you still selling your records? My phone number is 818-489-1866

  4. I have about 100+ LPs, mostly classical and in excellent condition, to GIVE away. I would need someone to take the whole collection. .