Sunday, June 3, 2012

Riverside, CA

Groovers Physical Music -  This shop has been around for about a year now. It is a really good shop. It's true what everybody says about Tom the owner, he is a really nice guy. All genres represented here. They have a pretty good selection of 7 inches as well as some used CD's and even some reel to reels. The one dollar LP's are down under the bins. Located right next to the UCR campus. All prices include tax and if you pay cash you get a 5% discount. Pretty sweet. He has some high end collectible stuff on the walls and in bins that are on lock down. The other stuff is easy to access. My first trip in here and I picked up some gems. This place is definitely worth checking out. Get a free Groovers tote bag with a purchase. Closed Sunday - Tues. but open 11am to at least 9pm Wed and Thurs and till 10pm Fri and Sat. Highly Recommended. 215 W Big Springs Rd. 

"Would you mind if I take a photo of the inside of your shop"?   "No, not at all, in fact I would be honored"

Mad Platter - The same owner as Rhino in Claremont. This is a smaller version of the Claremont store. A good store but hit or miss as far as finding gems. All genres, knowledgeable staff. Also near UCR and not too far from Groovers. Worth checking out. Recommended.  1223 University Ave.


  1. Aww ... I miss these kind of vinyl record shops, especially the second hand ones. (I used to live in the States).
    Thanks for sharing! :)

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