Monday, April 16, 2012

St Petersburg, FL

Banana's Music - I was here also last year in 2011. I didn't go to their huge warehouse this time around due to the fact I didn't have the time, but I did go to their smaller retail location which I discovered has a big room full of $1 LP's. I mean they are scratchy but you may find some jackets or covers to upgrade to or who knows what you might find digging here.

The shop still looks about the same as it did a year ago. Friendly staff. A mixed bag with regards to prices. They must be rather proud of their inventory with some of the prices I saw. $24.99 for a Canadian pressing of Bowie "Changes One" or $24.99 for a domestic Pink Floyd "The Wall"?
Promos are generally $10 and imports or scarce (or not so scarce) punk LP's are $24.99....kinda steep. The rest are in the $4.99 - $7.99 range. I did buy a Cars 12" UK pressing. 2887 22nd Ave. Still highly recommended.

The $1 room

The Disc Exchange -
So.....check this dude out, he is literally up to his earlobes in records. Are you kidding me? He may be the king of common LP hoarders. And I thought Banana's was proud of their records, this guy IS banana's! Can I interest you in a garden variety Kiss "Alive" LP for $49.99? Yea, he's got lots of crazy prices and lots of beat up common LP's. The owner of this shop should throw a party and send invites to the following:
The owner of Vinyl Records in Vancouver.
Owner of River Records in Memphis.
Owner of  Been Around Records in Little Rock.
Get them all together and let's have a little hoarding intervention party.
Ridiculous. Have a look at the front counter here, the guy is buried, can you see him? I swear he's there, behind all those LP's somewhere. Unreal. Just about every spot in the shop have LP's piled up, every isle even the CD isles are stacked up with LP's on the floor. Holy shit, I couldn't believe it, I had a look around flipped through some records for about 10 minutes, snapped a few shots and got the hell out of there before I was swallowed by an LP sinkhole. Dude you need help. Recommended for entertainment purposes only. 6712 Central Ave.

Can you find Neil?
Another shot of the front counter


  1. The Disk Exchange is crazy! I wonder why guys like this don't just have a one day sellout...4 for a buck or something like that just to clean the place out. Where does one begin in a place like this? Wow!

  2. Yes. That guy at Disc Exchange is weird. Your assessment is pretty much what I've concluded. I don't understand that guy.
    Bananas has always been weird about pricing.

    Microgroove over in Tampa is starting to pick up steam. By the way, they just bought out what was left of Hyde & Zeke in Gainesville, so maybe some of the stuff that Charlie (may he rest in piece) was hording in boxes in the back will see the light of day.

  3. Thanks for your comment. I did not know Charlie from Hyde & Zeke ha passed away. Thanks for the info.