Sunday, April 22, 2012

San Diego, CA - Record Store Day 2012

There are 4 record shops located here in the Hillcrest district all withing walking distance.

Record City -
This store is still the best record shop in San Diego. Great prices, great selection, and a pleasant and helpful shop owner. Every time I visit here, I find something good.

Record Store Day Eve 2012 - I went to Record City the evening before so that I wouldn't have to deal with some of the chaos the next day. I did find some good stuff. How about not one, but two Sammy Hagar promo LP's one of which I've never seen before and both SIGNED! A Hagar UK import, a UFO UK import, a David Lee Roth German import and a Robin Trower white label promo. Not bad. They still have the buy 5 get $1 off each policy here. The owner had about 10 large still sealed boxes laying about the store that were just delivered product for Record Store Day so it seemed he would be well stocked.

Signed promos

Record Store Day - Doors at Record City opened at the normal 11am. I show up at about 11:30 the line is down the street. It took me 40  minutes to get in the door, by that time it was relatively picked over. I was hoping for the Devo and Bowie 7 inchers. He had the Devo, but they were now all gone. No big deal since I was more than happy with my purchases from the day before. As you can see, Record City was packed. There was a huge line outside the shop to get in and another one inside the shop to pay. It was all very orderly. Like a buffet line. The owner had complimentary food and beverages for his customers to enjoy like Hostess Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Cupcakes. He also had about 10 XL pizzas all with different toppings. Nice. The only bummer was the pizza was pretty oily as was the girl behind the counter helping him who was coughing and touching/picking her nose and then for some unknown reason touching the pizzas. Pretty weird. Pretty gross. After witnessing that, I nearly had a Larry David moment. While I did enjoy some Hostess cupcakes, no way did I eat the pizza. Gross girl not withstanding, the owner is a super nice guy and really helpful. This is how you run a business. It looks like his RSD was a huge success.I love this store. 3757 6th Ave. Highly Recommended.

Record City Record Store Day buffet
Tanng! Records - This shop is nice and they have lots of collectible vinyl all over the walls. Some of it is really nice and some of it is just rather common and dressed up to be more than it is. Kind of a NYC record store approach. For example, a $25 domestic Queen LP. I mean it's a really nice $10 record anywhere else which is already $5 more than it's worth. Same for the Led Zep or anything else in this shop. If you want the more collectible stuff prepare to pay big, like $50 and up. They are very proud of their product here. I bought nothing but it was interesting to look at the vinyl on the walls. I spoke with the owner/clerk who by the way, was super high on weed. I mean, he must be the owner because why would you want a person who is stoned out of his mind working for you? Perhaps he buys his medical pot at the Holistic Cafe around the corner. Tanng! 3830 5th Ave. Recommended for a look around.

Other record shops in Hillcrest area:

Off the Record
Thirsty Moon

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