Friday, April 6, 2012

Pensacola, FL

Look what you can buy at a gas station in Florida...
Almost looks like candy...
But it's not, they are fireworks, firecrackers, bottle rockets, roman candles and small bombs....all for sale at the gas station, pretty funny.

In order of my preference are the 3 shops you will find in Pensacola.

Remember Wynn Records

The awesome vintage audio room

RememberWynn Records -
My kind of shop. This shop is in an old house. The house while located in a somewhat crummy neighborhood is nice and well maintained. The owner did confess right off the bat that he was out of space. That was pretty obvious but it's clean, well organized and packed full of quality records. All genres represented. They have some collectible LP's that they will typically note as such on the price tag like "Import" or "Promo". Good prices on most LP's. They have a 25% off sale going on, not sure if that is an ongoing thing or of a limited duration. I found a Rush German pressing and a David Lee Roth Mexican pressing both cheap.

Don't miss the room in the house that has all the vintage audio in it. Holy shit! Awesome!! All sorts of silver faced gems in there, reel to reels, receivers, speakers, turntables, you name it. All at a good price and with a warranty.

I will definitely be stopping in here next time I'm passing through. It's just off the 10 freeway, totally worth the trip. The owners are nice and helpful. Highly recommended. 7007 Lanier drive. Pensacola, FL

Revolver Records -
Small shop, cool vibe but a bit on the dirty side. Check the vinyl carefully as most of what I looked at was scratchy. I did find a Henry Rollins and a Jello Biafra spoken word LP cheap, that was it. Friendly guy. You will have to dig around a bit. Recommended. 9 E. Gregory st. Pensacola, FL

Nov 2014 Update: The store seems to have mostly new vinyl and the second hand vinyl is pretty much overpriced.

Another 2014 update:


Eddie's Records & More -
Over by the navy base there are 3 shops in a row, one of them is Eddies. The other 2 were closed on the day I was there. If Eddie is closed you can just call him and he will meet you there as he lives very close by. (850) 208-5242. Tues - Sun 12-5. The neighborhood seems kinda run down and the shops are pretty run down as well. Eddie is a super nice guy and loves to talk about his records and music. Nothing is priced so you will have to hand records to him and then ask how much. I came away with quite a few 45's at a good price. A lot of the stock is kinda rough so check carefully. Definitely worth a look. Let's just say Eddie and his shop (and the other two shops next door) have A lot of character. Recommended. 4165 Barrancas Ave.

Music Box -
Nice shop, lots of inventory with some nice records here and there but Jesus Christ some seriously high prices here. Can I interest you in a common Pink Floyd Wall LP for $26.99? or how about a Zappa boot for $88? Well come on down, he's got 2 of those. Common records with super high prices. The owner told me he sells most of his more collectible LP's online because kids come in and wreck those anyway. OK. I really wanted to like this shop but at these prices I could not. 3460 W. Navy Blvd #6. Cannot recommend.


  1. Hi. My name is Kristina. I am looking for someone to buy my vinyl records. I have well over 100 and they are some good artists in good condition. I live in Florida. I have looked up prices on just a few and they were worth over $50 each. I was offered $2-5. To me, that's not worth their worth. A few artists are
    Jackson 5
    Al Green
    The Temptations
    Luther Vandross
    Bob Marley
    Natalie Cole
    and even Eddie Murphy.
    I have lots more. Contact me at 8505866295. Thank You

  2. I live in Mobile, about an hour away from Pensacola. Will definitely have to check out Remember Wynn and Revolver Records one day, though I'm glad I read your review of Music Box. I'll be sure to stay far away form that place.

  3. I live in Milton Florida, and have a stack of vinyls that I am looking to sell. Please contact me at

  4. I have to disagree with your review on The Music Box...he's got an awesome 3 for $10 section. If you're starting a collection or are into 70s-80s pop/rock, I haven't found a thing yet out of that section that hasn't played perfectly.

    I for one will be a frequent customer.