Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mobile, AL

There are no record shops in Mobile. The closest thing to a record shop you will find in Mobile is none other than my main man James who sells at the Mobile Flea Market. He claims to have 3 million LP's in storage. I don't know, if that were the case his shop should be more full and be of a better quality. Most of his LP's are F'd up in one way or another, either scratchy or the cover is worn. He does have some Beatles collectibles. He claims to have bought out all the other record shops in Mobile. He's a real nice guy, told me he quit school at the age of 9 to open a record shop. 9 years old, Really?? I did manage to find a Queen promo cheap. He is negotiable. If your passing through Mobile, the flea market is open 9-5 Sat and Sun only. Or you can call James and make an appointment. The flea market is pretty hilarious, looks like some of these people are stuck in the 70's or something with their airbrush t-shirts, gun holsters, hogs, chickens and stuff. Entertaining for sure. 401 Schillinger Road North.

Bay Sound - 
There is one other shop in the Mobile area across the bay in Daphne. I saw nothing but common LP's in this shop. Not Recommended. 2001 US 98 Daphne, AL.


  1. Oh Lordy! I used to live in Mobile for a brief time (I don't recommend that either) but thankfully wasn't collecting records at the time. Glad to know I'm still not missing anything ! ; )

  2. You missed a new store opening by about a month. It's in Mobile at the corner of Emogene and Sage. Lots of nice stuff. Prices range from $1.00 up, but most of the ones I buy are in the $3 - $15 range.

    - JM

  3. If anybody has a name of this new shop in Mobile or photos I would be happy to post them up. Lemmy know.

  4. Mobile Records 140b S. Sage Ave 11-7 Tues - Sat Ph 251-479-0096 Sorry we missed you! Look at shop on Facebook - lot's of stock.

  5. Dr Music in Fairhope has a lot of vinyl. Some of it in good shape, some of it not. They have a great dollar bin as well. I found the double album "Concerts for Kampuchea". Good stuff. Great town for lunch. Worth the f

  6. Attention ! actually Mobile and Daphne and Fairhope have really good record shops...Bay Sound in Daphne, Mobile Records in Mobile and Dr Music in Fairhope, see for yourself rather than trusting the above comments, and Lisa Sumner, you should return to see the difference!

  7. Sadly, James is no longer around at the flea market. He lost his stall months ago because he couldn't keep up the rent. Nice guy, but never trusted him and honestly didn't believe half the crap he said. Plus, he sold drugs on the side (I've seen him selling people pills with my own eyes). I got some good deals from him, but there some times where he was just hard-headed. Like one time he refused to sell me a copy of Ziggy Stardust for less than $20 despite the fact that he had 3 COPIES! I did finally talk him down to $15 though. If I had to rate him when he was around, it would be a 3/5

    There is Lovin' Vinyl at the flea market run by a man named Jim, but I'd be wary of that place too. He used to have good deals, but now he's expanded a bit and has jacked up a lot of the prices (Rush's Signals for $40? Miles Davis's Kind of Blue for $50? Give me a break). Sooo, yeah, it's kind of hit or miss. I did get David Bowie's "Heroes" from him a few days ago, so can't complain too much. 3/5

    I have to disagree with you on Bay Sound. Maybe you didn't look hard enough or you just went on a bad day, as I've found some pretty hard to find records there during my visits (Talking Heads' Songs About Buildings and Food, Depeche Mode's Some Great Reward, King Crimson's Discipline, The The's Soul Mining, Mingus's Black Saint and Sinner Lady AND Mingus Ah Um). Hell, a friend of mine even found David Bowie's Low there (of which I am infinitely jealous). Plus, the guy sells the majority of his used albums for fair and reasonable prices regardless of which album it is (typically everything is $10 or cheaper). Plus, everything is in great condition. Definitely recommended. 4/5

    I have a love/hate relationship with Mobile Records. While I love their huge selection and enjoy browsing, I kind of feel like they charge a bit too much for certain records. It's like, any record that is "popular" or "hip", they jack up the price. It's pretty hard to find any well known used new wave/post-punk/prog rock albums for less than 20 bucks. For instance, all the used Tom Waits albums I've seen there are at least $20, and those aren't even his best albums! I'd hate to see how much a copy of Rain Dogs or Swordfishtrombones would be if they ever had them. Nice guys who run it though, and very knowledgeable too. Apparently the owner used to be a manager for Nick Cave (he's Australian), which is pretty cool. Sadly, I have yet to see a Nick Cave album there. Overall though, I'd give it a 3.5/5. If they came down on their prices though, the rating would instantly go up.

    Anyways, this is just some words for thought in case you ever come through Mobile again.

    1. Well, it just so happens this blogger will be in Mobile during the Thanksgiving Holiday! I will hit some record shops in New Orleans and Mobile, AL Thanks!!

  8. Hey Anon, among other things I was manager of The Birthday Party (Nick Cave's group) and we at Mobile Records stock their albums (& N.C too) as well as an exclusive poster of the album 'Junkyard' - trying to rein in inflation of popular albums but most people from somewhere else tell us our prices are reasonable so go figure...we also are very proud of the extensive spread of genres covered in the store, the aim is to be a great record destination - as you said along with Bay Sound and Dr. Music the blogger needs to come back and re-evaluate the area.....

  9. gotta say man, just moved into town and was lookin around for a place to buy music and maybe even work with selling vinyl. called up to mobile records to introduce myself and get some information (location, application process, hours etc). im not sure who picked up but i think he may have missed his coffee. i got one sentence in before he cut me off and hung up. what hurts more is that i can take or leave another job at a shop but with how limited the selection is down here having to scratch off a potential place to get my records really sucks. i guess buyer beware if they treat me like that on the phone i cant imagine how they talk to customers in shop.