Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Toledo, OH

Culture Clash - Awesome store. Most of but not all of the collectible stuff are on the walls, however the owner has some stuff stashed. I would tell him what I liked and he would bring stuff out for me to look at. Looks like he does a good mail order business too, ebay and whatnot. The day I was here I found some real gems. The owner and his staff are super friendly and helpful. This place is top of my list now if I'm ever in or passing through Toledo. All genres well represented here. Highly recommended. 4020 Secor road.

Record store watchdog

RamaLama Records -  I spend about 1 minute or less in this shop. It is all new product, if your looking for new LP's then check this place out. 3151 W. Central Ave.

AA Records - I did not have the time to go to this shop, so perhaps somebody could do a review of this one. 3010 Lagrange.

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  1. You are so wrong about "Beverly Records".....I've been going there for 35 years bud, and if you're some spoiled hipster that would rather shop at these cold and sterile shops like Reckless, then no you won't appreciate it. Sorry that Beverly doesn't have your favorite indie artists but they've been around a lot longer then you have, and for an independent used record store to be around for something like 50 years, that's really saying something. Beverly Records is the way a used record store should always be: it has that good musty dusty smell of old vinyl sleeves, it has that organized chaos about it, that all adds to it's character. Yes, you'll have to do some 'hunting' when you're there, that means getting your fingers a little dirty, bending, reaching, getting up on a step stool, etc. but that's part of the fun. If you're one of those tragically hip twenty or thirty somethings, then no, you won't understand this. You'll just think it's a mess. Now go on down to your favorite Starbucks and listen to your mp3 player with your Mochalatta chill.