Sunday, March 11, 2012

Milwaukee, WI

There are only two shops in Milwaukee worth visiting. There are several other shops and I have been to them all, they just aren't shops worth going to.

Bullseye Records -
I was in this shop early last year and had a look around but didn't purchase anything. Here I am again, I did a little better this time picking up a WHO boot and a Deep Purple Taiwan pressing. The shop has good stock on all genres. The owner is friendly and prices aren't astronomical. A bit of a pain in the ass to find parking in the neighborhood. Cool little store, highly recommended. 1627 E Irving Place Milwaukee, WI

Musical Memories -
When I was in this shop in early 2011 I did quite well buying several collectible LP's. This time around not so much. In fact I bought nothing. The selection seemed rather picked over and the good stuff he did have had some serious collector prices on them for example bootlegs at $60 each. The owner always seems to be listening to sports on a shitty TV while he goes through record price guide books and pricing his stuff. He has price guide books laying around as well as CD boxes and loose LP's piled on top of the LP's, pretty messy as well as the fact that each LP bin is so packed with LP's that you cannot flip through them without first taking a handful of LP's out then when you finish flipping you have to somehow manage to stuff them back where they were, what a hassle. The owner would seem to be some kind of hoarder. He needs more space. Time to move into a bigger place dude. All genres represented here. Recommended, but be prepared to dig. 833 E. Kilbourn


  1. 2 of my fav milwaukee stores.

  2. You didn't visit Rushmore or acme?