Monday, March 19, 2012

Erie, PA

Graham's Used Records Tapes CD's - Yet another hoarder. Here we have high prices and scratchy records. I did buy one record here once. If you want to dig, who the hell knows you may actually find something.

I have some free advice for the owner: Take all of those LP's off the wall behind the counter and place them in a bin marked "collectible records" because when they are behind the counter up on the wall and 5 or 10 LP's deep guess what, I don't have x-ray vision and can't see whats behind the first LP. You may have something up there I want to buy. Keep some of those rare LP's on the wall, one facing and one deep that's all you need up there on display. Next, take all those boxes of LP's that are stacked up all around the front door entrance and move them to the back room or somewhere other than your entryway they just look real bad sitting there. Next up, clear all those boxes and LP's off of the counter top at the front of the store, it looks like shit. Seriously dude, your almost buried in that crap. Then, take all of those common LP's you have priced at $6 and $8, recycle the jackets and use the LP's to shingle your roof or go skeet shooting. Nobody in their right mind is going to pay that much for a common scratchy record anyway. And finally, do something with the front window, dress it up make it look nicer, take some pride in your business, your front window is the face of your business and your face looks real ugly. Come on, you can do better than this. Graham, do yourself a favor and drive 80 minutes west on the 90 and check out Blue Arrow in Cleveland, THAT is how you set up and run a record shop.

Graham's is the only game in town for used LP's as far as I know, but he has some work to do if he wants me to come back. Not recommended until further notice. 613 W. 26th

The front counter
The front door entryway


  1. Yikes! A disaster for sure. Great advice for the owner but his response would probably be an f-off since he obviously cannot see what is so visible to others. Too bad, this shop looks like it has potential.

  2. I'm sure you are correct about the f-off :-) It could also be that the Graham ebay/online business is going so well he has no time to actually maintain his store in which case, hire a helper bro.

  3. That place sucks. You must not have asked about a record in one of the boxes. Those aren't priced yet, and they aren't for sale. I told him, "Make a suggestion, I'll come back with an offer." He said, "No. They aren't for sale until I've priced them." I did end up buying one record, not particularly rare, for four bucks. But that was because I didn't want to feel like I wasted any time in there. I'll never go back unless I hear it's an auction of the entire contents in lots. If I lived in Erie I'd go to Blue Arrow, maybe stop at Record Den in Mentor on the way, or drive down to Hubbard OH and hit up Underdog (he's only open till like 5, though). Graham's is one of the worst stores I've ever seent.

  4. HA HA HA! Thanks for the comment and the tip on Record Den and Underdog, next time I'm in the area I will have to check those out for sure.

  5. Don't know how you'll fare at either, but collecting boots you kind of need to walk in the store at the right time. Check your records at Record Den - there was a time they'd take any record, any condition. Underdog goes to a lot of shows around here. The more you buy the less you'll have to pay. He's old school, so the suggested price is just a suggestion! Get him talking and you can save big!