Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chicago, IL

Chicago has plenty of record shops. I went to what I thought would be the better ones based on previous trips and what I've read. They are in order of my preference below.

Record Breakers -
Every time I visit this shop I find something I like. Prices aren't too bad, the staff are pretty friendly and it happens to be right above Reggies live music venue. If you spend $100 you get a free hoodie. (check the wall display). All genres. There always seems to be something new for me when I shop here. I see there are a few haters of this shop on yelp. I don't know why, I love the place. 2109 S. State. Highly recommended.

Reckless Records -
They have 3 locations in Chicago. The best one for me is the Broadway location. The highest volume store appears to be the Milwaukee Ave location. The smallest of the 3 and the one with the worst possible parking situation is the Madison location. Right downtown, total parking nightmare. I mean parking is bad all over Chicago but downtown takes parking to another level.

Reckless have a sticker on each LP that will give details of the LP. Read the label as they are very informative. Reckless are like the Chicago version of Amoeba. All genres represented in these shops. Staff not all that friendly but whatever. FYI, if you go to the Broadway location and you buy vinyl and you get the girl clerk with the greasy hair, insist upon bagging your LP's yourself as she is a halfwit and will lay your LP's on the counter, slide the bag around them and then DROP them into the bag thereby splitting the inner sleeve and possibly the outer jacket.
3126 N. Broadway.            1532 N. Milwaukee Ave.              26 E. Madison.      Highly recommended. 
Broadway location

Milwaukee Ave location

26 E Madison

Laurie's Planet of Sound -
This is a small shop but a really good one. I picked up quite a few bargains here. Good stock and good prices. Laurie has lots of different things for sale in her shop such as board games and books. All genres here. Not a big fan of her price tags though, they don't peal off of the LP so well. There is a great sandwich shop 2 doors down. 4639 N. Lincoln. Highly recommended.
Hyde Park Records -
Cool shop with good stock. Friendly staff. All genres. Decent prices. I bought the below vinyl in this shop at very good prices. Lots of great places to eat in the neighborhood. 1377 E. 53rd st. Highly recommended.

Permanent Records -
Nice shop, parking is not a nightmare. Good prices, friendly and knowledgeable staff. All genres. 1914 W. Chicago Ave. Highly recommended.

Logan Hardware - 
 Formally a hardware store back in the day. Now even though it's called "hardware" it is in fact a record store. Good stock, prices so so. The cool thing about this place is if you go through the metal doors in the rear they have a full on arcade with 5 pinball games and 30 plus vintage video games all set to free play. pretty cool. I found nothing I wanted to buy here on the day I was here but I may give them another shot sometime in the future. 2410 W. Fullerton. Recommended.
Vintage arcade room doors

Logan Hardware back in the day
Dave's Records - 
I read some reviews and some people said Dave was an asshole. Well, he wasn't to me in fact he was friendly, but I did buy a Police import LP and when I got it home and tried to remove the price tag hidden under the Dave's price tag was an area of the cover where someone had removed a previous price tag and took the cover with it. Looks like Dave got me, so maybe he is an asshole after all. Dave's prices are pretty high. 2604 N. Clark st.

Beverly Records -
Chicago's answer to Grahams records in Erie. Looks great from the outside but that's where the fun ends. "Where Vinyl Still Lives" Really? Looks like a pack rat still lives there. Total waste of time. Shit piled up all over the place. You wanna dig, go ahead but I bet you find only high prices and beat up records. Took me about 3 and half minutes to determine this place sucks balls. 11612 South Western. Not recommended.

Saki -
Great shop if you wanna buy CD's, their used LP section is minimal. 3716 W. Fullerton Ave. Not recommended for LP shopping.

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