Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Houston, TX

This is my second trip to Houston record shops. All of the shops featured here are the best / most worthwhile in my opinion.
There are even boxed stacked up in the front window!
As you can see, lots of boxes to dig thru
Vinal Edge Records -
This shop is a diggers paradise, otherwise known as a mess. It appears the owner is out of space, there are LP's and misc other stuff piled up all over. I will say this though, even though this place is a pain in the ass the dig through, there are gems buried here. The prices at Vinal Edge are not that cheap but there are some deals to be found. There are LP's on the floor under the bins that are not yet priced so if you find something there, the owner dude is going to get on eBay right in front of you, while you wait and see what market price is. This I don't like. Ebay auction values are not reflective of local prices, or at least they shouldn't be.

Anyway, I found a few goodies this trip. An Iggy Pop radio promo LP from 1977. A Judas Priest "Sin After Sin" LP with a cool sticker on the shrink. A Bowie and a Pistols boot. A PIL New Zealand pressing and two Pearl Jam promo posters as well. All genres are here, punk, metal, rock, jazz, you name it. Be sure to check condition as I found that some of the LP's had scratches on them. Collectible LP's are on the wall in the back and behind the register. The store has a Houston address but it's a bit of a drive from downtown. This is one of those shops where the owner just doesn't take enough pride in his shop presentation, nice guy, good shop but the shop needs some serious organization. 13171 Veterans Memorial Drive. Highly Recommended.

Black Dog Records -
Cool shop. The owner is really friendly. Prices here are like the rest of the Houston shops, they are not giving this stuff away that's for sure. This time around I picked up an Elton John Mexican pressing. There wasn't much else here I wanted this go but the selection is pretty good here. Cactus, Sound Exchange and Black Dog are all pretty close to each other. 3804 S. Shepherd. Highly Recommended.

Vinyl room at Cactus
Cactus Music - 
This is a good medium sized independent record shop. The night I was here I saw some ads for an upcoming Johnny Winter in store signing. They also have a small stage so they must do live gigs too. There are plenty of new and used CD's. The LP's are located in a side room. There are collectible ones on the wall and they have a bin entitled "Fan Club Releases", otherwise know as bootlegs. High prices on these starting at $30. I found a WHO boot this trip but that's about it. 2110 Portsmouth. Highly Recommended.

Sound Exchange
and there's the dude who never looks up from his computer
The Sound Exchange restroom and BBQ
Sound Exchange - 
This shop is an old house. I was here about 3 years ago and purchased about $100 worth of awesome Bowie LP's. I was with two female friends. One of them really had to use the restroom, she asks the dork working there if she can use it. "No sorry the restroom isn't for the public." OK, so as I'm finishing up my transaction she goes around the back of the old house and in broad daylight pees there. Pretty funny, she's a hippy chick so no big deal to her, but what a lame policy.
Three years later, here I am again. I park around back and wouldn't you know it, I have to take a piss. I know there's no point in going inside and asking to use their toilet, so.....in honor of my friend Lindsey, I took a wiz right there in the same spot.
Alright, now that I have relieved myself on your house, let's get down to some record shopping. I walk in the old house. There is a somewhat middle aged dude sitting there staring at his computer monitor. He never looks up. Never says a word to me. Never acknowledges my presence. It was like I was the invisible man flipping through all of his LP's and moving around his shop snapping photos and looking at shit and then after about 30 minutes, I leave. He never says anything at all and the whole time and I'm the only person in the shop. It was kind of strange. I didn't find anything this time but thanks for the use of the "restroom". 1846 Richmond. Recommended.

The upstairs area with LP's

Sig's Lagoon -
This shop is near downtown. There are a few trendy shops near Sig's, tattoo shops and so on. Sig's is an interesting place to visit but there isn't much in way of used vinyl here. There are some new CD's and LP's lots of tiki stuff and other cool things to look at. The used LP's are upstairs with the used Hawaiian shirts, etc. The vinyl is common and over priced. 3622 Main st #E.


  1. Wow! That guy from Vinyl Edge has balls! That's just plain rude to get his prices off of ebay with you standing right there. An a-hole for sure!

    Some of these vinyl people we encounter in our travels...are a good wake up call for me!



  2. Yea, eBay prices are auction prices and should not be retail prices but it would seem all of Houston are doing the same thing because everybody's prices were pretty high all over. And to stand there while he looks up this record and that, I mean I already know it's gonna be high..."well, that record went for $67 on eBay recently"......

  3. I live about 2 minutes from Vinal Edge. You are right, huge selection, but I've never wanted to dig around in all those bins on the floor. You can sometimes find decent stuff in there. I found a JAMF first press of 2112 by Rush and two Bowie CDs on RCA. The guy is nice enough, from my experience.

    Sound Exchange is interesting. The first time I went there about 2.5 years ago I found some really good stuff. I found a WLP of Broken Barricades and Snakehips Etcetera by Nucleus. Both of these go for around $80 used and I got both of them for less than $10. However, the next time I went to Sound Exchange, which was just a few months ago, they have realized they can price these albums higher. Even shitty quality vinyl albums were going for $7.99. In fact that was the lowest price on anything. A scratched up Houses of the Holy by Zeppelin for $8.99???? I don't think so.

    Been meaning to check out Cactus, but have yet to make it there. Will also have to check out Black Dog.

    There is also a guy in West Houston that opens a warehouse about once a week, but can't remember the name of the place.

    Thank for the info.

    1. Hey, thanks for the post and the info, if you remember the name of the warehouse guy post it up, I'd like to check that one out next time I'm in town.

  4. Vinal Edge is moving summer 2012 to Houston Heights on W. 19th St near Ashland. That's what the owner told me several weeks ago. VideoFab.

  5. My mom passed away recently and while packing up her things I found some old records and 45's. Does anyone know where I can take them by the Woodlands.

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  7. Does anyone remember boxcar Bill ? He sold records from a train car at the old flea market off 59 in the 70's and 80's. ...John,contact at ,jrlpman@yahoo.com

    1. Hi, I remember him fondly. I bought cassettes from him that he had recorded from his vinyl. I was just a kid at the time, and he kindly introduced me to lots of great music that I still love today. I would give anything to go back to his boxcar and see him again. -JL, eeltex@gmail.com

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