Monday, January 2, 2012

Claremont, CA

Rhino Records - 
Located about 40 miles due east of Los Angeles in the Claremont village just a couple miles north of the 10 freeway. I've been going to this shop since the 70's when it was in a smaller shop in the back next door and owned by the label. There was one in Westwood and one in Claremont. The label sold both locations to someone else, in the case of Claremont it was bought by a store manager. The Westwood store closed it doors for good a couple of years ago but Claremont is still going strong. They have a good mix of all genres in both new and used, if they don't have it they can order it for you. Knowledgeable staff. There is usually something good in the used vinyl section. They have the more high end collectible vinyl on the back wall now. Get on their email list and you can catch a 10% or 20% off sale there typically on or near holidays like new years and 4th of July. Rhino also own the Video Paradiso shop next door which have lots of cool DVD movies for sale and for rent. They also own the Mad Platter shop out in Riverside which is a much smaller version of Rhino. Sometimes they have live bands play in the store on a small stage they have in the rear of the store. 235 Yale Ave Claremont. Highly Recommended.

Even Hobbits shop for vinyl at Rhino

CD and Record Expo -
This event is held twice per year. It is a mix of dealers from Pasadena and some from Orange County so if you go to both of those you don't need to go to this one, this one is small but cool. Held in February and September and put on by KSPC the college radio station. 



  1. Glad you made it to Claremont. Rhinos and Paradiso Videos great stores!

  2. Absolutely fantastic place. Used to go there with my friend after we had breakfast at a local restaurant. Always found what I wanted and what she wanted. I was never disappointed and the guys are incredibly knowledgeable of all kinds of music, music videos. I will always remember this place for the companion I had and for the cd's and music videos of my favorite artists Pink Floyd.

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