Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oklahoma City, OK

Yes, the Lips have their own alley in Bricktown
 The people in Oklahoma sure are nice. There are several good record shops in OK City which I will list below in order of how well I liked them.

Guestroom Records - 
They have 3 locations. The main one is at Western and 36th. This store is pretty awesome. I picked up a whole bunch of cool LP's. 3 Devo boots, one CCR boot, one Clash boot, a Bowie boot, a Roxy Music boot and a Paul McCartney and Wings "Band on the Run" LP with the poster and in the original shrink. They go deep and are well stocked with all sorts of new and used vinyl. They also have CD's. Spend about $100 or more and they will give you a free hippy tote bag with the store logo on it to carry your LP's away in.
This place is a must see if you are in town or just passing through. Friendly staff, great selection of LP's. Highly recommended. 3701 N. Western in OK City.

wow. it must be true
The other OK City location is in Bricktown located in the ACM@UCO building. This location is small and most of the LP's are new. A small selection of CD's as well. I didn't find anything worthwhile here. 25 S. Oklahoma st. #101, OK City.

They also have a new location in Norman, OK which I did not have the time to check out but I was told it is larger than the Bricktown location but smaller than the Western and 36th location.

Some of the mess
Want a soda?
Size Records - 
This guy has lots of stuff in his shop, vintage soda pop, Japanese figurines, posters, books, shirts and all sorts of other stuff. The place could be a way better shop if the owner took a little more pride in his place of business. He has good stock but the place is a mess. In vinyl he did have some great looking Led Zep bootlegs. On this day I didn't find anything I wanted, well, the Zep boots would have been real nice and I'm sure they would have been very happy living in my house, but they were priced starting at $50 and went up way over $100 each. Go get em, I left them there. The owner is friendly and helpful. Recommended. 8915 N Western.

Trolley Stop Record Shop -
Just happened to be driving by this one. I went inside and they told me they had only been open a couple of weeks. The shop looked like it too. Must have been a soft grand opening because they had just gotten around to alphabetizing the LP's the day before. They had a few cool items, it's a place you will have to dig a bit though. Some vintage rock magazines in the back room. I did buy 2 Lenny Bruce red vinyl LP's at a good price. When you walk in the front door 4 dogs will greet you. The 2 owners seem like older hippy types and are super friendly. Check them out at 1807 N. Classen Blvd

Yup, it's here in OK City


  1. Hello, I hope you might be able to help me.....I have some really old vinyl, the vinyl is great, the cjackets might not be considered that. But I have "the guess who" recorded live at the paramount, and the American woman "the Guess Who", do you know where I could go to get them appraised. they have been wrapped in 4 paper bags for over 30 years, I just reopened it yesterday. thanks man my email address is

  2. ok i know this is really old which makes one o the stores listed trolley records is in aactually worse shape and i have yet to make it to size after seeing this i may have to give them a try but my main reason for this post is to tell you that the best store currently is not on the list its called alley records its at 918 1/2 west britton and the entrance is actually in the alley the owners the friendliest i have dealt with and his selection is great you should give them a try next trip through

  3. any market for old albums (big books of 78's)