Saturday, October 15, 2011

San Antonio, TX

Remember when Ozzy pissed here?

There isn’t much going on in San Antonio, TX as far as good used records shops go, but here are the 3 main ones that I visited.

Good stuff but may make you burp
Flipside Record Parlor – For starters, they have moved to 840 SW Military. The “parlor” is mostly a head shop with some CD’s and tapes, the LP’s are in the back area of the parlor. They don’t have much in the way of collectible vinyl unless you are in the market for a “Mothers of Invention” bootleg for $49.99 or a Springsteen boot for $149.99. Most everything else was pretty common.

Anyway, I walk into the parlor past the two Latinas working there, one fit and the other one less fit, both of whom are having their lunch in their area in the center of the parlor. So I’m in the LP area flipping through records when I hear a very loud BUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRP! So, I’m thinking to myself, did some burly dude walk into the parlor because I thought I was the only customer? Then I hear from the less fit lady, “sorry, it was the Big Red”. Goddamn. Quite an icebreaker.  I didn’t even know what a Big Red was. After I finished looking through the LP's finding nothing I wanted I proceed toward the front door, I start talking with the two ladies who turn out to be very friendly. We talk about their parlor, the late owner and the other record shops in San Antonio. I ask if I can take a photo of the inside of the parlor, the fit owner lady smiles and says, “OK”. I ask if they would like to be in the picture. “Yes, but let me put some lipstick on”…. I thought she was joking. Nope, totally serious. She goes over to her work area and busts out a small mirror and some lipstick and so does the other lady. They pose and I snap the photo. I then ask what Big Red is and they explain it’s a Texas soft drink. Sounds great, so I buy one from the vending machine inside the parlor. Tastes good. They explain there are also among other flavors a Big Blue, Big Peach, Big Orange and a Big Pineapple brand…but the fit lady warned me “the Big Pineapple will make your poop green”. Hilarious. “OK ladies, thanks for the info, have a great day”.   

Hogwild – Pretty much a metal store, which is cool, but if you are shopping for second hand vinyl, don’t bother stopping here. Why? Can I interest you in a $20 Sammy Hagar “All Night Long” LP? Or how about a $20 Led Zeppelin “Presence” LP that looks like it just came from the 99-cent bin from another shop anywhere else. They must have some good crack in San Antonio and this guy is smoking it. I spent about 5 minutes in here, and then bailed. 1824 North Main. Not recommended.

The owner

Good luck

Alamo Records and Sheet Music – Oh boy. This place left me a little speechless. This guy is clearly a hoarder. He may also be in denial with regards to how much space he has. He ran out of space years ago. He needs at least four times the square footage he has right now. There is shit all over the place; you’d have to be a midget in order to look at anything on the floor. There is crap piled all over the top of the record bins, pretty much impossible to look at anything. It was an interesting place to look around, as there are cool vintage pin up girl magazines and other interesting stuff all over the walls. But looking through records, which was why I was there, forget it. The owner guy was nice, said he’d stay open later for me if I found anything to buy, I didn’t since nothing is priced and when you ask him how much it’s always some crazy price like $35 for a common LP.  The “shop” is located upstairs on the 3rd floor of an antique building. I tried real hard but didn’t find anything I wanted here. Not recommended unless you love digging. 125 Broadway Street

I found nothing worth buying in San Antonio. It's only about an hour, hour and a half drive up to Austin, there is a much better selection of record shops up there.


  1. I Love your blog. I am a record collector of 45's. Back in the 1960's my father was GM of radio station WOAI when they switched to the talk/news format so I was the rcipient of many of the records. I have a collection of about 5,000, mostly of which are Top 40 with emphasis on the 50's and 60s. Plenty of Elvis, Beatles, Beach Boys, Ricky, Roy, Bobby and Connie. I want to sell the collection as a whole. Any Ideas ?? Richard Harris, San Antonio Texas.
    My E-Mail:

  2. I would recommend Rockaway Records in Los Angeles for a big collection like yours. 323.664.3232 tell 'em I sent you. there are many large stores that will fly out to you if you have a collection they feel is worthwhile. Amoeba will also buy large collections and come to you.

    1. I have about 300 vinyl 45s from 50,60,70 on up.
      mostly R&B and Pop. About 600 vinyl LPs Jazz ,R&B
      Pop and Classical. Want to sell.

  3. Yeah, that guy that owns Alamo Records prices his records based on how much HE thinks you want it. I like to go there, ask him to price something and then walk out. I never buy anything from him. I'm gonna wait until he's about to...

  4. Hello, my name is Linda. My mother in law gave me a bunch of records and they are all in good condition. I went through them and was looking for some Elvis or Stevie Ray Vaughan they are mostly country western. I found an autograph one of Mel Tillis... Linda ,,,,

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the tips here in SA. I was going to go to Hog Wild but based on what you said, does not seem to be worth the triup for me. I have had good luck here in SA finding used vinyl that I used to own in decent condition at Half-Priced Books.


  6. hi I wanted to go to S.A. to look for album but I read you blog not worth the trip. I live in corpus Christie we have two records store 1 called disc go round to high in albums like 17.00 dallers on up..the other is half price it seems all the good go fast it seem like the same old album are al ways there .7.00 on up on price seem like somebody always go and by the good if the know when they put it out..any im always looking 4 albums..thanks

  7. When in Corpus Christi, TFC Rehearsal Studios also carries collectible punk/metal/indie vinyl reissues and some used vinyl as well. The emphasis is on classic titles (lots of USHC reissues from the 80s i.e. Siege, Deep Wound, Die Kreuzen) but some oddball extras (used garage, surf ala Estrus singles from a now defunct record shop) as well. It's a little thin on metal but there's some local wax (Devastation) as well as newer stuff (Torche, Baroness). TFC is/was a record label before a practice space so there's vinyl/CDs by the label as well. You'll have to call to make an appointment as the primary business is a rehearsal complex for bands (361.986.0808, but some of the owners live pretty close by and can be there in 10 minutes.

  8. anyone looking for Albums I have a Collection going to let go of all types of music all albums are stored in inner and outer sleeves some still sealed never opened.. rock, jazz, country, blue grass and others. contact info.. e-mail

  9. Selling my OLD SOUL collection of LP's contact me at

  10. Gee whiz, some folks really have no dignity, do they? See your bullshit on Craigslist like rather than sounding like a desperate whore looking for crack rock. Learn some grammar while you're at it.

  11. I have 1100 LP's in my collection. 1/2 rock from 60's, 70's and 80's.
    The other 1/2 Jazz. I am moving and don't want to take them. If anyone is
    interested I have them all listed alphabetically on an EXCEL sheet and can
    e-mail list to you. I would sell them individually but it would take forever, so
    I would prefer to sell the whole lot. Contact me at