Saturday, October 15, 2011

Austin, TX

Breakaway Records – This a nice shop and they have moved to a hipper part of town, lots of vintage clothing shops and so on. The new shop has much more space and it’s a very cool atmosphere, with chairs that you can sit down on and kick back. They people who work there are nice and helpful. They have a good selection of all genres. I have purchased from them in the past at their previous retail store and also at the Austin Record Convention. My last two trips to Austin including this store, I’ve been skunked. I still like the store and would go out of my way to check this place out each time I’m in town. 211 W. North Loop. Recommended.

Waterloo – Big store that is very deep in everything. Used LP’s on this latest trip to Waterloo, was only good for browsing. They had some awesome bootlegs for sale but they were all very pricey. $60-$70 for some of them. Looks like a Beatles fan passed away and his collection ended up at Waterloo. There were lots of them with some pretty big price tags. Well, it was nice to look at them anyway. Definitely worth stopping in this place if you’re in town. 600 North Lamar Blvd. Recommended.

Waterloo also have a super lame retail outlet in the Austin airport. I wondered if they might be selling more of those Beatles bootlegs here, no such luck. Just cashing in on tourist bullshit and top 100 CD’s.

Cheapo – Big store full of used CD’s mostly. The used vinyl selection sucked. Don’t waste your time here. 914 N. Lamar. Not Recommended.

Backspin Records – My new favorite record shop in Austin. I walk in for the first time and I see a bin entitled “Bootlegs”. Oh yea, I like that. Some high prices on some of it but I did pick up a Bad Co. boot, a Zeppelin “TSRMS” Taiwan pressing, a Stones 2 LP live import and a Van Halen II German pressing. Not a bad day at Backspin. They have something in all genres. 4631 Airport #110A. Highly Recommended.

Other record stores in Austin:
Antone's Record Shop - 29 28 Guadalupe St
Austin Record Convention - 10601 N. Lamar Blvd - October each year. Largest record show in the USA
End of an Ear - 2209 S.  1st st
Friends of Sound - 1704 S. Congress Ave
Immortal Performances - 1404 W. 30th St.
Musicmania - 3909 D North IH 35
Out of the Past - 5341 Burnet Rd
Piranha Records - 1208 n. IH 35 Round Rock, TX
Rockaround Records - 512-638-2128  By appointment
Room Service Vintage - 107 E. North Loop
South Austin Gallery - 507A  W. Mary St
Sundance Records - 202 University Dr #B San Marcos, TX
Trailer Space Records - 1401 A Rosewood Ave
Turntable Records - 1903 S. 1st St #B
Whetstone Audio - 2401 E. 6th St #1001


  1. just wanted to say i love your blog man!!!! great stuff....i am from the Austin area...a small town called Caldwell

  2. Glad you like the blog....your comment is much appreciated. Austin sure has a lot of record shops :-)

  3. I've got to say I look forward to your new posts, too. I buy both new and used records, but when I'm out of town I generally look for used, and I check to see if you've been anywhere when I travel. I think yours is the first blog I followed, and it's a pretty cool way to keep up. Thanks!

  4. I'm from Austin. Some updates:

    Backspin-closed 12/11. Owned by same guys as Friends of Sound, check there.
    Encore Records & Video-in process of closing, everything on sale including rental films.
    Sundance Records (San Marcos)-closing 4/1/12, CDs on sale.

    Next time you're in Austin it's definitely worth a stop at End of an Ear. Smaller than Waterloo, but really excels in niche genres (punk, psych, prog, metal, indie, etc).
    Most of the other shops aren't that great...

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