Sunday, October 30, 2011

Orange County, CA

Greater Orange County Record Show - Show hours 10am - 3pm, $3. Early 7am admission $8. I have been going to this show for many, many years. I have hardly ever walked out without buying something. Found some real gems here too. They have been having this monthly show for the past 26 years now and they claim there are 93 tables. There are lots of dealers from all over. All genres are represented here. You can also buy record protection supplies like plastic sleeves from Far West Record supply here. Several local and regional retail shops sell here as well. They have hourly raffles where they call out names of people that drop their direct mail postcard in a box at the door, you can win up to $50 that is good for any dealer at the show. I won one time. Remember it well, I spent my winnings on a rare Husker Du LP. This place is cool, you can of course try and bargain with the sellers.

It says on their postcard NO BOOTLEG MATERIAL WILL BE SOLD. not totally accurate, there are some boots, you just have to look. There is usually at least one bootlegger here selling CD and DVD product.

If you are from out of town and plan to come to this show, here's a tip: If you time it right, you can hit this OC show (which is the last Sunday of the month) and a show at the Pasadena City College the following weekend (first Sunday of the month). The PCC record show is contained within the very large antique flea market which is also fun to check out. There are some of the same dealers at both, but many different ones as well.

Highly Recommended. UFCW Hall  8530 Stanton Ave. Buena Park, CA

Get on the mailing list and this is the postcard you will get



Saturday, October 15, 2011

Austin, TX

Breakaway Records – This a nice shop and they have moved to a hipper part of town, lots of vintage clothing shops and so on. The new shop has much more space and it’s a very cool atmosphere, with chairs that you can sit down on and kick back. They people who work there are nice and helpful. They have a good selection of all genres. I have purchased from them in the past at their previous retail store and also at the Austin Record Convention. My last two trips to Austin including this store, I’ve been skunked. I still like the store and would go out of my way to check this place out each time I’m in town. 211 W. North Loop. Recommended.

Waterloo – Big store that is very deep in everything. Used LP’s on this latest trip to Waterloo, was only good for browsing. They had some awesome bootlegs for sale but they were all very pricey. $60-$70 for some of them. Looks like a Beatles fan passed away and his collection ended up at Waterloo. There were lots of them with some pretty big price tags. Well, it was nice to look at them anyway. Definitely worth stopping in this place if you’re in town. 600 North Lamar Blvd. Recommended.

Waterloo also have a super lame retail outlet in the Austin airport. I wondered if they might be selling more of those Beatles bootlegs here, no such luck. Just cashing in on tourist bullshit and top 100 CD’s.

Cheapo – Big store full of used CD’s mostly. The used vinyl selection sucked. Don’t waste your time here. 914 N. Lamar. Not Recommended.

Backspin Records – My new favorite record shop in Austin. I walk in for the first time and I see a bin entitled “Bootlegs”. Oh yea, I like that. Some high prices on some of it but I did pick up a Bad Co. boot, a Zeppelin “TSRMS” Taiwan pressing, a Stones 2 LP live import and a Van Halen II German pressing. Not a bad day at Backspin. They have something in all genres. 4631 Airport #110A. Highly Recommended.

Other record stores in Austin:
Antone's Record Shop - 29 28 Guadalupe St
Austin Record Convention - 10601 N. Lamar Blvd - October each year. Largest record show in the USA
End of an Ear - 2209 S.  1st st
Friends of Sound - 1704 S. Congress Ave
Immortal Performances - 1404 W. 30th St.
Musicmania - 3909 D North IH 35
Out of the Past - 5341 Burnet Rd
Piranha Records - 1208 n. IH 35 Round Rock, TX
Rockaround Records - 512-638-2128  By appointment
Room Service Vintage - 107 E. North Loop
South Austin Gallery - 507A  W. Mary St
Sundance Records - 202 University Dr #B San Marcos, TX
Trailer Space Records - 1401 A Rosewood Ave
Turntable Records - 1903 S. 1st St #B
Whetstone Audio - 2401 E. 6th St #1001

San Antonio, TX

Remember when Ozzy pissed here?

There isn’t much going on in San Antonio, TX as far as good used records shops go, but here are the 3 main ones that I visited.

Good stuff but may make you burp
Flipside Record Parlor – For starters, they have moved to 840 SW Military. The “parlor” is mostly a head shop with some CD’s and tapes, the LP’s are in the back area of the parlor. They don’t have much in the way of collectible vinyl unless you are in the market for a “Mothers of Invention” bootleg for $49.99 or a Springsteen boot for $149.99. Most everything else was pretty common.

Anyway, I walk into the parlor past the two Latinas working there, one fit and the other one less fit, both of whom are having their lunch in their area in the center of the parlor. So I’m in the LP area flipping through records when I hear a very loud BUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRP! So, I’m thinking to myself, did some burly dude walk into the parlor because I thought I was the only customer? Then I hear from the less fit lady, “sorry, it was the Big Red”. Goddamn. Quite an icebreaker.  I didn’t even know what a Big Red was. After I finished looking through the LP's finding nothing I wanted I proceed toward the front door, I start talking with the two ladies who turn out to be very friendly. We talk about their parlor, the late owner and the other record shops in San Antonio. I ask if I can take a photo of the inside of the parlor, the fit owner lady smiles and says, “OK”. I ask if they would like to be in the picture. “Yes, but let me put some lipstick on”…. I thought she was joking. Nope, totally serious. She goes over to her work area and busts out a small mirror and some lipstick and so does the other lady. They pose and I snap the photo. I then ask what Big Red is and they explain it’s a Texas soft drink. Sounds great, so I buy one from the vending machine inside the parlor. Tastes good. They explain there are also among other flavors a Big Blue, Big Peach, Big Orange and a Big Pineapple brand…but the fit lady warned me “the Big Pineapple will make your poop green”. Hilarious. “OK ladies, thanks for the info, have a great day”.   

Hogwild – Pretty much a metal store, which is cool, but if you are shopping for second hand vinyl, don’t bother stopping here. Why? Can I interest you in a $20 Sammy Hagar “All Night Long” LP? Or how about a $20 Led Zeppelin “Presence” LP that looks like it just came from the 99-cent bin from another shop anywhere else. They must have some good crack in San Antonio and this guy is smoking it. I spent about 5 minutes in here, and then bailed. 1824 North Main. Not recommended.

The owner

Good luck

Alamo Records and Sheet Music – Oh boy. This place left me a little speechless. This guy is clearly a hoarder. He may also be in denial with regards to how much space he has. He ran out of space years ago. He needs at least four times the square footage he has right now. There is shit all over the place; you’d have to be a midget in order to look at anything on the floor. There is crap piled all over the top of the record bins, pretty much impossible to look at anything. It was an interesting place to look around, as there are cool vintage pin up girl magazines and other interesting stuff all over the walls. But looking through records, which was why I was there, forget it. The owner guy was nice, said he’d stay open later for me if I found anything to buy, I didn’t since nothing is priced and when you ask him how much it’s always some crazy price like $35 for a common LP.  The “shop” is located upstairs on the 3rd floor of an antique building. I tried real hard but didn’t find anything I wanted here. Not recommended unless you love digging. 125 Broadway Street

I found nothing worth buying in San Antonio. It's only about an hour, hour and a half drive up to Austin, there is a much better selection of record shops up there.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Los Angeles, CA

Rockaway Records – Been around since 1979. This would have to be one of my top 5 stores. They have a very knowledgeable and friendly staff. All genres. This place is a bit on the pricey end but they have the goods. Over the years I have picked up some really good stuff here. You never know what you might find here. On my latest visit here, it would appear someone sold their bootleg collection to them because they had a bunch of them, Stones, Floyd, Elton, Zep, Tull and so on. Nice ones. Most were not recent re-issues but originals from the 70’s and 80’s. They have a collectible area in the rear area of the store that is manned by the same couple of guys all the time. They have 45’s and the higher end LP’s back there, you ask and he gets the stuff for you while you look at them on a counter there. Cool collectible stuff for sale all over the walls. None of it cheap. You want it, you pay. If you join their club which costs $10 per year, you do get 10% off all purchases. 2395 Glendale Blvd. Highly recommended. 

His Hausmeister's Voice

Monday, October 3, 2011

San Francisco/Berkeley/Bay Area

San Francisco

 Amoeba – What else can be said about this store? Gigantic. Cool stuff all over the place. On this day all I was able to find that I really wanted was a David Bowie bootleg from his 1972 Santa Monica gig. The one that has been released officially now. This is an original double album boot. This location is in an old bowling alley. 1855 Haight. Highly Recommended.

Recycled Records – I’m walking from Amoeba to Recycled and there is this dude on the street holding a big huge sticky bud of weed. He’s selling it right out on the open. Welcome to Haight Street. Recycled has some cool records. I usually find something good here each visit. They have a big selection in all genres. 1377 Haight. Highly Recommended.

101 Music – I just happen to be walking by this one so I stop in. The guy is utilizing every square inch of this little shop.  He has some super cool musical instruments hanging on the walls. His records looked to be common with the exception of a few here and there but were a bit on the pricey side. I couldn’t say it’s a bad store, I just didn’t find anything I wanted on this day. 1414 Grant.
Black Pancake – I walk in and smell skunkweed right away. Some kind of DJ / weed party going on in the back room. The records were common. Cool logo, cool shop t-shirts. Not much else to report here.

Rooky Ricardo’s Records – This is an interesting shop. It is part record shop part old school camera shop with real film for sale in a fridge.  I didn’t find any records I wanted to buy but it was fun to look around.  Worth a look. 448 Haight

Rasputin Records - 
New location just opened November 2012 across and down the street from Amoeba, they have some stuff. 1672 Haight St.

KUSF Record Swap - This record swap happens about twice per year and it's a pretty good one. I did notice that many of the vendors were from the Los Angeles area. This one is well worth the trip. The "No Bootlegs Allowed" is funny because after you walk in the door about 10 feet in, there was a bootleg CD seller from L.A. right there. USF - McLaren Hall - Highly Recommended.

Peoples Park Berkeley
Amoeba – This location is OK, but I prefer Rasputin's next door. Amoeba Berkeley have some cool 7 inch collectibles up on their wall, but I have been in there twice in the past 12 months and haven’t found anything I wanted to buy.  2455 Telegraph.

Amoeba Berkeley
Rasputin Music – Big store. IMHO Rasputin's Berkeley is a better store with a better selection and better prices than Amoeba Berkeley. All the CD’s are on the ground floor. For the second hand vinyl go downstairs. This place is one of my favorites. All the collectible vinyl is all over the walls, 360 degrees of awesomeness. Check condition at the front counter (like Amoeba does) because sometimes the condition of the LP’s here are hit or miss. On this day I did pretty good picking up a Led Zep triple album boot, a Deep Purple Japan issue boot and a Tubes album autographed by Fee Waybill and a couple other guys in the band back in 1976. Sweet. The owner used to have a bunch of pinball machines upstairs, now there are only 2. A Star Wars and a Guns n Roses. 2410 Telegraph. Highly recommended.

Signed Tubes LP

Downstairs LP room
Downstairs walls of collectible vinyl
Downstairs LP used vinyl room
Street level with the CD's etc.

San Rafael 
Red Devil Records – I read quite a few reviews online before going to this shop. It seems a lot of people think the owner Barry is an asshole, so I was expecting the worst. There is a sign in the window before you get in the door, “TURN CELL PHONES OFF”. I walk in the front door packing a not turned off cell phone ready to take on whatever big bad Barry is going to throw my way. I check the “New Arrivals” bin. There was some super good shit in there but most of it a bit steep. After looking through all the records in the shop I did get a Jeff Beck boot for $20 and a Black Crows RSD 7” for $6. Barry was helpful and not impolite with me or anybody else in the store. No problems here. Lots of collectible punk rock records all over the walls. Although a bit pricey, he’s got lots of stock in all genres. 894 4th street San Rafael. Highly Recommended.   

Red Devil Records

Pacific Pinball Expo - Marin Civic Center Exhibition Hall – This is an annual event put on by the people at the Pacific Pinball Museum. It was awesome. No records in this place but there were nearly 400 pinball games all set to free play. 10am – midnight for $25. The highlight games were the very rare Cactus Canyon game, Medieval Madness, Monopoly, Medusa, Hercules (worlds largest pinball machine), Family Guy, Adams Family, Funhouse and more. My wrists were worn out. Highly Recommended. 

German back glass
Pacific Pinball Expo 2011