Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ft Worth, TX

Doc’s Records & Vintage

This is my second trip to this store I was here back in March of 2010. I see nothing has changed in the shop since then. The same dust and cobwebs. I didn’t see Doc anywhere this time though. In 2010 he was sitting in a chair at the register with a pile of Dairy Queen wrappers overflowing out of the garbage can and onto the floor behind him. Doc was friendly though. This time there was a really helpful clerk working there. Doc’s has a good selection of all genres of used vinyl and the good thing is, he sells ONLY used vinyl. There are all kinds of other crazy things all over the shop like velvet paintings, clothing, oddities, knick knacks and all sorts of other interesting BS. Doc gets points for having a restroom that customers can use, even Amoeba doesn’t offer that which is lame.

This time around I picked up some cool stuff: a Sabbath Sabotage Mexican pressing with a gate fold sleeve, a Stones bootleg, a Bad Co. promo, an AC/DC promo and a Doors 12" promo for “The Unknown Soldier” from a Texas radio station autographed by John Densmore and Robby Krieger.

Generally good prices at Docs and from what I can tell, this is about the best place in the DFW area.  TX now has In N Out Burger in this case the Ft Worth location is only about a mile away!  2111 Montgomery St.  Ft Worth, TX.  Highly Recommended. 

Some of the interesting things for sale at Doc's
More interesting stuff


  1. Hmmm...Great write up, but you don't make it out to the Metroplex much, do you?

    1. No mention of Forever Young (a warehouse full of well organized LPs in Grand Prairie) or Bill's (a thirtysomething year old shop in Dallas).

    2. Talking about the coming of In-N-Out like it's a big deal. It's bulk fast food (high end bulk fast food, yes, but still bulk fast food) in an independent burger joint mecca.

    Ah, well, it's still fun reading about what record stores we have left (damn, I miss Sundance (San Marcos, TX)).

  2. I just inherited a grocery bask full of LPs, vinyl and some as old as 1920. Where would i sell those in the Fort Worth area?

  3. Hey Doc,
    I have a tenant that has an air conditioned storage facility that is packed full of albums, 33, 78, and some 45a"s. We are talking a 20'x25'x7' room completely full and very well stored records. He wants to sell the entire room for $35,000. I know there some treasures in here that he doesn't have any idea what they are worth. If you are interested or have some contacts that might be shoot me an e-mail at r;.stephens@att.net or give me a call at 972-978-3363. Thanks and have a great day. RL