Saturday, September 10, 2011

Boise, ID

Record Exchange - Apparently they are the the only game in town as far as indie record shops go. Record Exchange have a decent selection of new and used product. In addition to a coffee shop inside the shop, and doing live in store performances, they also have the usual toys and gifts some record shops have given floor space to in order to survive the "lost generation", the generation of people who think it is their constitutional right to download all music, movies, software and books for free.

The day I was in town I walked into Record Exchange and got busy. I picked up a double LP Judas Priest bootleg, a Boston WLP that is still sealed ($4), an ELP French pressing for $7 and a Queen "Night at the Opera" LP that has a red Elektra label which I think were the later pressings? I also found a near mint Led Zeppelin Italian pressing which is pretty awesome. I read online on I think, they listed this shop one of the top 15 record shops in the country. Wow. I definitely wouldn't go that far, it's a good shop for sure but not top 15 in the USA material. 1105 W. Idaho  Boise, ID  Highly Recommended.

Boise is nice town with nice people. I was parked outside of Record Exchange at one of the metered parking spots which have a 1 hour limit. I looked outside, meter maid with arm tattoos on a mountain bike is writing me a ticket. Fuck. So I run outside and start pleading my case, she says "if you are leaving right now, I will void the ticket" I say "I'm leaving" and show her my keys. And there we were looking at each other then she says, "Well....leave". So I did. They sure are nice in Boise. In Los Angeles, no F-ing way do they void a ticket they have already started to write. I recommend the farmers market on 8th street Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. The Capitol building is pretty cool to walk through as well.


  1. Moving across country and have vinyls to offload. Call me asap if interested. Pricingthem at half market value. 208-598-0091

  2. I am in my 60's and have a lifetime of vinyl records the I'd like to sell. Do you have any suggestions how I might do that?

  3. Hi Jan, I buy vinyl, could you email me with more information? quantity, genre, condition, etc. thank you.