Saturday, August 6, 2011


Portland, ME
Sounds Absurd - Small shop but he does have some cool stuff in here. For $2 each I picked up an Ozzy 12” promo, a Police 12” promo, a B-52’s promo and not for $2 a Clash UK pressing WITH the poster and stickers. He accepts cash only. 55 Oak st. Highly Recommended.

Moody Lords – Directly upstairs from Strange Maine. I went upstairs and started flipping through LP’s. The owner or guy working there says to me “You aren’t from here are you”. I say “no, how did you know”? he replies, “nobody has fingers like that around here”. I guess I was flipping through his LP’s pretty rapidly. Funny. I bought a 10cc bootleg because it was only 5 bucks.

Strange Maine - Lots of beat up common records with high prices, don’t bother with this place.

I hear Bull Moose and Enterprise Records are good in Portland, ME. I didn’t have time for Bull Moose and Enterprise is closed M-T-W which is when I was when I happened to be there.

Saco, ME 
Bill O'Neil's House of Rock n Roll – Conveniently located right on the main highway just south of Portland... and this is a house but was pretty much a waste of my time to stop here. Bill's House of Rock n Roll is totally disorganized with shit all over the place, Bill is standing around doing a whole lot of nothing when he should be organizing his house of dirty, dusty and for the most part, common records. I flipped through all I could stand and found only one LP, a Bad Co. German pressing for $7. BFD. Bill says he has thousands of LP's in other off limits areas of the house, the shop itself is just the very front room of the house. Newsflash Bill, get your store organized so you can get all those alleged off limits back room records out onto the sales floor, you are not going to sell them in the back room and even if you don't want to do that, straighten the place up, show some pride in your business it will make for a better shopping experience for your customers. I won’t be going back here ever again. Don’t believe the hype. 

Bill needs help getting his house of records in order

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