Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sioux Falls, SD

The Sioux Falls
Ernie Novembers - Don't bother going to the 12th street location, nothing of value in there. The 41st street location is much much better. They have a real good selection of metal, punk and other genres in new and used vinyl. They have plenty of new and used CD's as well. Half of the shop is some kind of head shop. The clerk was friendly. I picked up a Pink Floyd UK re-issue on 180 gram vinyl with all the inserts and a Fleetwood Mac bootleg. This place is the only game in town with regards to used vinyl. Recommended. 1912 West 41st Street.
Some of the used DVD's

Difficult to see how large this place is with photos. You must see to believe.
Last Stop CD Shop - They have 2 locations, forget the 41st street location and go straight to the two level 10th street store. Holy Jesus. The place is huge and full of DVD's books and CD's. They have a small vinyl section but it sucks. You will be more impressed with the gigantic selection of second hand DVD's, CD's and books. I picked up DVD's from Parliment/Funkadelic and "No Country for Old Men". Recommended. 2121 East 10th Street.


  1. Thanks for this post. I, too, try to hit every record store in the towns I visit, and until I found your site I thought my trip to Sioux Falls would be pointless when it came to records.

    I first went to Ernie November's 41st Street location, and agree with your assessment that it's the only game in town for vinyl. I wasn't blown away by the stock, but the new vinyl (and the various separate genre sections) was impressive for a town of this size. I noticed several Record Store Day items that you don't see often. I came out with a nice vinyl copy of Alice Cooper's Pretties for You and a 10" by The Horrors that is part of the Blast First Petite label's series of limited EPs released in honor of Alan Vega's (of Suicide) 70th birthday. You don't see those many places.

    I went to Last Stop on 41st Street, and it was pretty weak; also, every single used disc was $7.97 regardless of condition, which is a bit high for what you're getting. It's also the kind of shop that sells box sets for $50 even when the box is completely water-damaged, torn apart, or missing. I came out of here with a 2-disc reissue of The Fall's album The Unutterable, which is a good price. Unlike most of the shop's 2-disc sets, which were priced at $15.94, this one was marked at the single disc price.

    The 12th Street Ernie November's is pointless. The clerk was friendly enough, but seemed surprised to see someone walk in at 10:30 AM. The selection here was the kind of vinyl that you might find rotting in someone's damp basement, with nothing newer that I saw than the early '90s. The CD selection looked similarly abandoned and dusty. I spent five minutes in there and walked back out. The funny part is the far superior 41st Street outlet has signs everywhere announcing the "MUCH LARGER VINYL COLLECTION AT OUR 12TH STREET LOCATION," which is the only reason I bothered visiting.

    While the Sioux Falls selections are weaker than in many towns that I visit, I was surprised to have four places to choose from in a town of that size in South Dakota. I didn't make it to the 10th Street Last Stop, but based on your descriptions I wish I would have.

    1. Hey, thanks for sharing your Sioux Falls experience! It sounds like you did pretty good there.

  2. Just moved to Sioux Falls a few months back you hit the nail on the head with this one. I've found a lot of gems in thrift stores recently. There is usually a large assortment of old country, but once in a while I'll stumble across something I'll enjoy which does make the whole day of thrifting quite fun. I think the thrill of looking is what makes collecting vinyl so fun!

  3. i have lps and 45s i would like to sell do you have a place or are you interested