Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fargo, ND

If your ever in Fargo and your looking for 2nd hand vinyl. Forget it. Nothing here worth mentioning. There is one shop called Orange Records it has new and used but nothing really spectacular. There is another spot called Vintage Vinyl, I thought it was my lucky day when I showed up and he was having a 50% off sale. His shop is basically a big metal barn with antiques and other assorted junk inside. All the records are common and pretty beat up. Comical. There is a cool ass hearse outside with skeletons inside and a pretty awesome vanity license plate. But nothing as far as good records go.


  1. Dude u might have been in the back of Vintage Vinyl where he has his dollar records. But the front of his store is where the good stuff is. You should'nt be a so judgemental based on only seeing his discount records. He has records in the front that I've never seen anywhere else. Unlike most record shops across the US he does not sell on ebay and keeps the best of the best in the store!

    1. I call it like I see it.
      I was not aware of any LP's other than the ones that were for sale in the big metal barn. They were having some sort of sale that day, which was a Saturday. The store front as you mention was not open that day. The owner never mentioned he had any other LP's for sale that day, I mean he was making all sorts of announcements inside the barn but nothing about better LP's being next door. As I was leaving, I peeked in the window of that store front and saw an antique I wanted to buy. So, I ask the owner if he could open up the store front so I can buy the item, he said "come back tomorrow". I explained I was from out of town and wouldn't be here tomorrow. He said sorry and walked away. OK then, never mind. He was probably just too busy with the big sale he was having.
      If I'm ever back in Fargo, I will stop by and see if he's open or willing to open his shop but the day I was there he was not.

  2. I've found very good and not-so-common records (soul & jazz) in both Orange Records and the antique spot. Maybe you hit it at a bad time?

  3. I am cleaning house on all the Los stuff collected by my dad and me over the last 50 plus years. I have a huge collection of vinyl albums. My dads records are in very good condition and vary from big band to contemporary artists from the 50's to the early 80's. My collection would be from the 60's to the early 80's and is a mix of rock and country artists. My records were in a flood and quite a few of the album covers were destroyed. I know this affects the value but they cleaned up very nicely and the sound doesn't sem to be affected. If anyone is interested call me at 701-799-9654 to set up a time to look them over.

  4. Looking to sell console with AM/FM/8 track/record player. If there is any interest, or any suggestions, please contact

  5. Come on down to the Exchange Station in Moorhead, Minnesota. Our inventory includes over 25,000 pieces of vintage LP vinyl.