Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sioux Falls, SD

The Sioux Falls
Ernie Novembers - Don't bother going to the 12th street location, nothing of value in there. The 41st street location is much much better. They have a real good selection of metal, punk and other genres in new and used vinyl. They have plenty of new and used CD's as well. Half of the shop is some kind of head shop. The clerk was friendly. I picked up a Pink Floyd UK re-issue on 180 gram vinyl with all the inserts and a Fleetwood Mac bootleg. This place is the only game in town with regards to used vinyl. Recommended. 1912 West 41st Street.
Some of the used DVD's

Difficult to see how large this place is with photos. You must see to believe.
Last Stop CD Shop - They have 2 locations, forget the 41st street location and go straight to the two level 10th street store. Holy Jesus. The place is huge and full of DVD's books and CD's. They have a small vinyl section but it sucks. You will be more impressed with the gigantic selection of second hand DVD's, CD's and books. I picked up DVD's from Parliment/Funkadelic and "No Country for Old Men". Recommended. 2121 East 10th Street.

Fargo, ND

If your ever in Fargo and your looking for 2nd hand vinyl. Forget it. Nothing here worth mentioning. There is one shop called Orange Records it has new and used but nothing really spectacular. There is another spot called Vintage Vinyl, I thought it was my lucky day when I showed up and he was having a 50% off sale. His shop is basically a big metal barn with antiques and other assorted junk inside. All the records are common and pretty beat up. Comical. There is a cool ass hearse outside with skeletons inside and a pretty awesome vanity license plate. But nothing as far as good records go.