Saturday, May 21, 2011

San Diego, CA

Record City - Kick ass store, great selection, great prices and a really nice guy running the shop there. This place crushes the Vegas location with ease, in price, selection and in every other way. I picked up a whole bunch of stuff here. Some European Nina Hagen 7"'s, a Jeff Beck boot, a Pretenders boot and many more. I will definitely be going back to this place next time I'm in San Diego. 3757 6th Avenue San Diego, CA Highly Recommended.

M-Theory Music - Nice shop. Picked up some Clash imports, other than that there wasn’t much I wanted to buy on that day. They have a good selection of all genres. The owner spins LP’s in the store and he didn’t mind me taking pictures. 915 West Washington St. San Diego, CA   Recommended.

Off The Record – Not much in this place other than lots of high priced common LP’s. There was a cool Pink Floyd boot on the wall for $70. No thanks. Not Recommended.

Thirsty Moon Records - Not much in this little shop. Some cool punk rock stuff, but not much more than that, for me anyway. This little shop is across the street from Record City, so if your at Record City, worth a walk across the street and a look.

Lou’s Records – I had been wanting to go here for a very long time. I was a bit disappointed. I did find an Adam and then Ants European import 7”. That was it. There was some other stuff in the shop and some interesting high priced vinyl collectibles on the wall behind the register. Staff was friendly but I was expecting more I guess. I won’t be going back. Worth a look if your in Encinitas.


  1. VERY accurate in your review! Record City is the only place I can stick with and not be disappointed. Off The Record used to be great! It sucks really bad now and it surprises me that they're still in business.

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