Sunday, May 15, 2011

Richmond, VA

Plan 9 Music
This is a really good shop. Good selection and good prices. I picked up about 6 different Zappa bootlegs here. Friendly and helpful staff. Located on the trendiest street in Richmond, 3012 West Cary Street . Highly Recommended.
Deep Groove Records - This shop is owned by a former manager of Plan 9. The shop is small but has some good quality used LP's. I picked up a few at a really good price. Spoke with the owner for a few minutes, nice guy who said opening his own shop with encouragement from his girlfriend was the best decision he ever made.  317 N. Robinson st. Richmond, VA 23220.  Highly Recommended.

Steady Sounds  - A real good shop as well. I picked up a Roxy Music promo LP with the DJ sticker on it for cheap. Good location, plenty of parking on the street and a friendly guy working there. 
322 W. Broad St. Richmond, VA Highly Recommended.

Vinyl Conflict – All punk rock all the time. I didn’t find much that I wanted here. They had some cool stuff but their prices were on the higher side. If your really into punk or crusty metal, this place is worth a look. Recommended.

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