Monday, May 23, 2011

Las Vegas, NV

Record City - 300 E. Sahara location. I shopped in this store about a year ago with great results, spending about $100 so i was looking forward to spending some more time and money here again. I walk in and snap a quick photo for the blog. The fat clerk behind the counter with the bad attitude snaps "hey, no taking pictures this is private property, you ask before you do that"! I say "so.... I took a photo of the outside of the building, do I need to delete that"? Then he says something to me under his breath that I didn't hear. Good thing, because I was told by my companion what he said after we had left.

Dear Mr. Dickhead, let me tell you something dick, you work in a record store, you are not a bouncer working the door at a night club. I am there to spend money, but I won't be spending any more of my money in your shitty shop. Not only because you have a real bad attitude, but also it would appear you are selling way too much of your choice inventory on eBay because I couldn't find anything worth buying in your awesome picked over shop. Even the $30 Jethro Tull bootleg you had on the wall was scratchy. But check it out dickhead, even though you were mad dogging me as I flipped through all the over priced common LP's, I still took all the photos I wanted anyway (see above), look at all the extra special private property LP's! and  LOOK! there's even one with YOU in it, so suck it dick nose. I have a newsflash for you, you old billy goat, there is nothing in your shop that is so super top secret that isn't in any other record shop in the world, so shut your fucking pie hole. You need to be sent down to the San Diego store for some conditioning and learn some customer relation skills, that guy is super nice and super cool, you are a super dick. The Record City website says "knowledgeable and friendly staff!" Not that friendly. Take your private property and shove it up your ass. Huge disappointment this time around. Only Recommended if you enjoy buying records from an asshole.

Zia - Nice big store, lots of CD's, LP's and other cool stuff. This Zia just doesn't have much in the way of good second hand vinyl. But for new and used CD's, DVD's and the like, this is the place to go. Recommended.


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  2. too bad you didn't hit up the East Charleston Record City, I don't think Joey would care if you took some pics,,, there is always next time!