Monday, May 23, 2011

Las Vegas, NV

Record City - 300 E. Sahara location. I shopped in this store about a year ago with great results, spending about $100 so i was looking forward to spending some more time and money here again. I walk in and snap a quick photo for the blog. The fat clerk behind the counter with the bad attitude snaps "hey, no taking pictures this is private property, you ask before you do that"! I say "so.... I took a photo of the outside of the building, do I need to delete that"? Then he says something to me under his breath that I didn't hear. Good thing, because I was told by my companion what he said after we had left.

Dear Mr. Dickhead, let me tell you something dick, you work in a record store, you are not a bouncer working the door at a night club. I am there to spend money, but I won't be spending any more of my money in your shitty shop. Not only because you have a real bad attitude, but also it would appear you are selling way too much of your choice inventory on eBay because I couldn't find anything worth buying in your awesome picked over shop. Even the $30 Jethro Tull bootleg you had on the wall was scratchy. But check it out dickhead, even though you were mad dogging me as I flipped through all the over priced common LP's, I still took all the photos I wanted anyway (see above), look at all the extra special private property LP's! and  LOOK! there's even one with YOU in it, so suck it dick nose. I have a newsflash for you, you old billy goat, there is nothing in your shop that is so super top secret that isn't in any other record shop in the world, so shut your fucking pie hole. You need to be sent down to the San Diego store for some conditioning and learn some customer relation skills, that guy is super nice and super cool, you are a super dick. The Record City website says "knowledgeable and friendly staff!" Not that friendly. Take your private property and shove it up your ass. Huge disappointment this time around. Only Recommended if you enjoy buying records from an asshole.

Zia - Nice big store, lots of CD's, LP's and other cool stuff. This Zia just doesn't have much in the way of good second hand vinyl. But for new and used CD's, DVD's and the like, this is the place to go. Recommended.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

San Diego, CA

Record City - Kick ass store, great selection, great prices and a really nice guy running the shop there. This place crushes the Vegas location with ease, in price, selection and in every other way. I picked up a whole bunch of stuff here. Some European Nina Hagen 7"'s, a Jeff Beck boot, a Pretenders boot and many more. I will definitely be going back to this place next time I'm in San Diego. 3757 6th Avenue San Diego, CA Highly Recommended.

M-Theory Music - Nice shop. Picked up some Clash imports, other than that there wasn’t much I wanted to buy on that day. They have a good selection of all genres. The owner spins LP’s in the store and he didn’t mind me taking pictures. 915 West Washington St. San Diego, CA   Recommended.

Off The Record – Not much in this place other than lots of high priced common LP’s. There was a cool Pink Floyd boot on the wall for $70. No thanks. Not Recommended.

Thirsty Moon Records - Not much in this little shop. Some cool punk rock stuff, but not much more than that, for me anyway. This little shop is across the street from Record City, so if your at Record City, worth a walk across the street and a look.

Lou’s Records – I had been wanting to go here for a very long time. I was a bit disappointed. I did find an Adam and then Ants European import 7”. That was it. There was some other stuff in the shop and some interesting high priced vinyl collectibles on the wall behind the register. Staff was friendly but I was expecting more I guess. I won’t be going back. Worth a look if your in Encinitas.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hong Kong

One word: Paul

Philippines pressing

I didn't get the LP below from Paul, I did get it in Hong Kong several years ago from an older guy selling records in an alley in Kowloon. He was selling records for about 50 cents each. I'm flipping through his stock and suddenly there is a Motley Crue "Too Fast for Love", I pick it up and I turn it around, no Elektra logo, it is indeed an original Leathur Records first pressing. I take the record out of the sleeve and I'll be damned, it's mint, never been played. I looked at the old guy selling it and then I look at the record again hardly able to contain myself. How in the hell did this LP find its way all the way to HK and how did it end up in this alley in Kowloon and in this guys stock?? If only this record could talk. The elderly Chinese man clearly had no idea what he was selling. I gave him about five bucks for that record and a few other HK pressings and off I went, laughing all the way to the Chicken Chow Mein restaurant.
There is only one place and one person you need to see when your shopping for records in Hong Kong. My friend Paul. One of the nicest guys in the world. This guy literally walks on records. Space is a premium in Hong Kong so as you can see by these photos his "shop" is packed full of LP's. He is a total hoarder but any and all of his records are for sale. His prices are not cheap, he knows the value of his records. People come and go from his place all day and night but there is only about 4' x 3' of floor space from which to shop, the rest is totally covered in LP's so Paul will walk on them and try to find you what you want. I usually spend a few hours per day here over a period of several days. I've found some real nuggets here. He's got lots of HK pressings and other pressing from all over. He will play vinyl while talking about his two favorite things, music and Harley's. He knows a lot about both. I pretty much freaked out the first time I saw him spin an LP on his turntable while he sprayed water from a water bottle all over the LP so as to dissolve all the crud built up in the grooves of the LP so the needle wouldn't get hung up. Very humid in HK so the records sometimes have mold growing on them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Flat D, 5/F, Wai Hong Building, 239 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Near the MTR, Exit C1
Sabbath Hong Kong pirate pressing
Hong Kong pirate
Hong Kong pressing
Hong Kong
Hong Kong bootleg
Hong Kong
UK pressing
Hong Kong

Original Leathur Records pressing - mint

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Richmond, VA

Plan 9 Music
This is a really good shop. Good selection and good prices. I picked up about 6 different Zappa bootlegs here. Friendly and helpful staff. Located on the trendiest street in Richmond, 3012 West Cary Street . Highly Recommended.
Deep Groove Records - This shop is owned by a former manager of Plan 9. The shop is small but has some good quality used LP's. I picked up a few at a really good price. Spoke with the owner for a few minutes, nice guy who said opening his own shop with encouragement from his girlfriend was the best decision he ever made.  317 N. Robinson st. Richmond, VA 23220.  Highly Recommended.

Steady Sounds  - A real good shop as well. I picked up a Roxy Music promo LP with the DJ sticker on it for cheap. Good location, plenty of parking on the street and a friendly guy working there. 
322 W. Broad St. Richmond, VA Highly Recommended.

Vinyl Conflict – All punk rock all the time. I didn’t find much that I wanted here. They had some cool stuff but their prices were on the higher side. If your really into punk or crusty metal, this place is worth a look. Recommended.