Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tampa / St Petersburg, FL

The RSD doors opening
The 9am seven inch feeding frenzy

A great Pink Floyd book

Mojo Books and Music
This was my first stop on Record Store Day. They opened at 9am. So right after I got done eating at Waffle House, I rolled up to Mojo at 9am. There were about 40 or 50 people waiting in a line outside. They open the doors and in we go, I’m the last person in. That’s when the entertainment starts. All the RSD geeks and D-bags start their feeding frenzy. Seriously, some of these people don’t bathe. One prick showed up with his whole stinky family and proceeded to grab all 5 copies of the ZZ Top/Mastodon split, the Rush 7”and anything else he was going to go home and post up on eBay. He takes his huge stack of vinyl and moves to the rear of the store and starts giving one copy to each family member. What an asshole. Obviously Mojo needs a better policy. I like the Bananas policy. At the counter there, they had a list of the 7” RSD releases they had on hand and you pick from the list, one per customer. No grabbing a huge pile and then separating yourself from the other RSD hyenas and then cherry pick through your eBay investments leaving the scraps for everybody else. After RSD feeding time, I did manage to get the Ozzy 7”, the AC/DC 7”, and the Queen 7” which was a re-issue/replica of the Portuguese “Keep Yourself Alive” 7”. In the non RSD dept. I also got a CCR UK pressing LP and a sweet Pink Floyd The Wall book by a local publisher in St Pete. A nice book. Only 5,000 printed, this one numbered and autographed by the authors. Mojo has a decent selection of used vinyl and a big selection of used books especially books relating to music. 2558 E Fowler Ave Tampa, FL.  Highly Recommended.
The vinyl retail location
The vinyl library

The Bananas blind dog mascot
There are two Banana locations. One is a retail location for vinyl only. 226 16th Ave. N St Pete. I went here first. They claim to be the world’s largest record store with 3 million records and CD's. This location has a bunch of 45’s in boxes all organized so you can flip through them. The LP’s are on shelves like a library. Ordinarily I don’t like this set up, however in this place it was OK since there were so many LP’s to go through, so by looking at the spines it was easy to differentiate the common domestic releases from imports or promos, etc. None of the jackets are plastic covered which made it easier. I did notice that all the LP’s from the higher end of the alphabet, like T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z are by some windows, therefore those LP’s are sun faded. Bananas may want to tint those windows or get some curtains up. They also have some vintage stereo equipment for sale, OK, not that vintage, I saw mostly black-faced stuff. A friendly staff and an equally friendly blind resident dog there hanging out.  I picked up a Queen DJ 12” promo of “We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions”, an ELP “Trilogy” promo, a Cars “Candy-O” promo and an original Aerosmith first album with the original cover and the drug referenced bio on the back. Not a bad day. Highly Recommended. 
22nd Ave retail location

2887 22nd Ave. N, St. Petersburg, FL
It was Record Store Day so I drove over to the other Bananas retail location about a mile or two down the road. I did OK there too. A “Frampton Comes Alive” Canadian pressing on black vinyl and a Queen “News of the World” WLP.  They have reasonable prices at Bananas. A good mix of all genres and formats including DVD movies. Across the street don’t miss the big Italian marketplace, pretty impressive. Don’t bother trying either of these places on Sunday, they are closed. What a bummer. Friendly staff here and a dog as well. Highly Recommended.

The used LP section
Daddy Kool Records 
666 Central Ave., St. Pete
Daddy Kool has a Kool name and a kool address, but there isn’t much in this tiny store. Unless you want to pay $30 for an AC/DC “Back in Black” promo, or $40 for a Led Zep III LP. They have some new and used CD’s and some new LP’s. They own a concert production company and sell tickets in store for the State Theatre and other venues in the area. The only people I saw in the store were buying tickets for local shows. Friendly staff. You may wanna check this place out; next time however, I will skip it. Not that Kool.

The used LP section

Vintage stereo equipment for sale Tampa store
Sound Exchange
“Excuse me, excuse me sir, were you... taking pictures”??
“May I ask why”?
“I’m on vacation”
“Uh…OK, well, we get a little concerned when someone comes in here and starts taking pictures”
Whatever lady.
Welcome to Sound Exchange. The have lots of rules here but not much in the way of a good selection of vinyl. This was the Pinellas location. I also went to the Tampa location; they didn’t have much there either other than some cool vintage stereo equipment and more rules. Stuff like “Take the LP’s out of the sealed bag and you will be asked to leave” or “Put CD’s back where you found them” Hilarious. Some good prices on used CD’s I noticed, maybe this is the key to how they can maintain 3 stores locally.  

Disc Exchange
I went there on a Sunday. Closed. Apparently Sunday is not a good day for record shopping in the St. Pete area. I looked in the window, LP’s stacked up all over the place. Looked disorganized, I will check it out next time I’m in town.



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  3. Mojo in Tampa are thieves. They withheld merchandise on RSD and put it up on Ebay a few days ago.They are the seller known as 'floridavinyllover'. When I called them out on it, they pulled all the merch off of Ebay and are claiing they have 'strangely recieved additonal RSD deliveries. They had a Big Star Test pressing , 2 White Stripes 45's at insane prices. Thieves!

  4. Mojo's prices were crazy as hell, almost paying double per each 7"

  5. Hey, This is Dan from Mojo. I was super stoked when I read your blog post about RSD and your tour of Tampa Bay stores. We didn't realize about the ZZ Top dude and his family. Will keep a better eye out for such things next time.

    Not sure what's up with the "Anonymous" poster above. This guy's crazy. Been harassing us for several hours on facebook and now I find him here. Sheesh. Ummm... guy, we DID receive additional RSD deliveries. We do every year. Most stores do. Check it out. The eBayer he's referring to is a person independent of the store who's listed some stuff online for us before, but the RSD stuff they're listing is not being done through us or for us. We asked them to take it down due to the nut, but they have every right to put it back, just like the ZZ Top guy. Nothing we can do about it. Anyway...

    Thanks again for covering RSD on your blog. And sorry about the nutter spamming you. And about my rant. :)

  6. Dan , then why did the Seller name change from Mojo to floridavinylover? You're lying and you know it. Just admit you withheld merchandise for future profit.I can see why you would do it - to make money - but it's unethical and fraudulent and stores like yours need to be exposed for it.

    Listed some stuff? Look at the history of the sales - all books and vinyl - gee, what is it you guys sell? Books and Vinyl.

  7. Dan, also on ebay where "2" quantities of white stripe 7's he was aloud to buy 2 sets? also the white stripe 7's where 10.99 each when they should have been 5-6.99. I also noticed 13 floor elevators and red krayola going for 12.99 each.

  8. Jason
    I explained this all to you on that blog of yours but you deleted our post. I am only going into detail here again so you will see it. Jason I guess you just want your side of the story on your blog but not ours. You must be an angry ebay dealer who wanted to sell this stuff there, that's all I can figure.Haven't I seen you set up at collectors conventions before? Whats your ebay username.I don`t have one currently but I can log on in my friends name or open an account just to see what you have for sale.But Im just making assumptions here like you did. Anyway the seller was told to change the name since she no longer had authorization to use it and since she sold for herself now under the name mojo,also her feedback sucked. She actually could have kept mojo since its just a generic term but did change it after some heated conversation.
    when I saw your post I contacted her and she took the things down.I only did(even though she changed her name) because she had kept the name long after I expressed to her I wanted it changed(and I saw the prices she was asking(but its her right to ask that if she wants to. I did not think it was right either but you know what alot of sales that day in our store went to dealers and there were some pretty rare things that sold you probably never saw. I knew she was buying stuff to sell on ebay from our store and other stores in the bay area.That`s what she does sell stuff online! She had things on there we did not even get. She did not even get these records(or at least most of them from us, In fact most of the ones she got we still have copies of in the store had I wanted to sell on ebay I would have picked alot better than that since the stuff was here.She may of got the Big Star here since we had two for sale. But Jason you know most of this and I must also question why you are trying to hurt an independent record store who actually lost money on Record Store Day this year and just on an assumption. Just read the post on we left on your blog. I am sure you saved it. Read the last part real good and consider that the account you are mentioning was started in 1998. the owner of the business was 15 at the time. the lady who used to list things for us is in her late 40s and has several ebay accounts. Also consider the fact we will have our attorney contact you if you continue this slander. By the way alot of people on ebay sell books and vinyl. Selling online is a hassle that's why we consigned to her.crap.Also if you want to be be a man come into the store tomorrow after say 2pm and say this crap to my face instead of your cowardly lying posts on blogs etc.

  9. See my response at

  10. yeah, mojo marks their stuff up way too much

  11. and i like how he didn't mention the over priced 7's they were selling

  12. Notice how this spoiled sore loser childs blog pulled his blog post when we told him we were suing him for libel. This guy is pathetic we have video of his late ass standing next to guy who got the records he wanted. What a pathetic sore loser that he would try to hurt the reputation of one of the last remaining record stores in Florida.Thank god most of our customers are no like this Thank god we got screen shots of his blog. We do intend to sue him for libel, he is not "Anonymous" to us. We know exactly who he is

  13. Rotten Vinyl Record Collector just to let you know our friends at Sound Exchange Brandon got in a bunch of the stuff we did not get. I got some of the stuff i wanted for my own collection the next day after being alerted by a customer. They had The Dead Mono lp,Deftones and Doors 45 we never got. Also had some of the stuff we had sold out of Saturday and I hear they had a bunch of the Nirvana45s late into Saturday. Sound Exchanges are semi franchises (I think) and each orders their own titles. The guys in Brandon are cool and even helped us recover some stolen items. Check em out!

  14. Dan - what you fail to understand is that I dont even care about the records. I'm not some sore loser who is pouting because I didnt get the White Stripe or Big Star records - I dont even like Big Star and could care less about them. You're trying to paint me as some nutjob but here are the facts as I see them :

    1- I overheard one of your employees state that your store sold vinyl online.

    2 - I found an online Ebay store called mojotampa that in fact sold books and records.

    3- 4 days after RSD, there were RSD releases on Ebay under 'floridavinyllover' seller ID which has been 'mojotampa' until April 20th. So it seems the name was changed the day before the records went up on Ebay.

    4 - When I confronted you about it on Facebook, you removed my posts and within 30 minutes the record sales were removed from Ebay.

    Now, to me, that all seems kind of curious and I imagine it would to anyone else who noticed all those details.

    Why would you have the seller remove them if it wasn't you Dan? If it all didn't matter, why would you have even cared enough to remove my posts on Facebook and quickly begin making me out to be a stalker or a nutjob.

  15. Can someone tell me where I can sell records from the 40s and 50s. Please email me with suggestions to

  16. I have over 400 45's, these were my mothers and mine, I would love to sell them, mostly from the 70's and 80's some maybe older, from A to Z literally ! Moving and do not wish to take, all in sleeves and in plastic tubs, all in alphabetical order, have list of all artist if interested. Please help, will sell cheap, name artist probably have it !!!! My grandfather owned a bar from 1951 to 1983 and when the music man came and changed the records out of the jukebox my mother kept them !!! Can email if interested"

  17. Sound exchange in tampa are just aholes...the girl was sooo RUDE at the front desk today I will NEVER go back in there..I spend 60 dollars on vinyl and spending my hard earned money I dont want to be treated like trash..I think ill try these other places you mentioned...

  18. I have a collection of 160 LP Vinyl Albums Cover selection. Some album sets have multiple x2, x3, x4, x5 LPs in them. Most are 1970s, 80s. Some of the Rock N Roll and easy listening have Japanese Covers, like the ABBA Emerald Green Vinyl, John Lennon's Shaved Fish, Bob Dylan at Budokon, Sheena Eston, Billy Joel x2. Also including some classic country, R&B Soul (MJ Thriller & Off the Wall, Dianna & Supremes ect), more Rock (Beatles White album, Rolling Stones Somegirls, Black & Blue, Jesus Christ Superstar Purple multi-LP Album, Neil Diamond, Santana, Eagles, Duran Duran, Loggins & Mussini, plus some old croners, Sinatra, Martin, Williams, Como, Mathis, Streisand, Collins, Humperdinck, Jones. Some Movie Sound Tracks, Classical and Comedians. Covers are rough but labels are really good. Looking for a buyer. 727-393-6427.