Friday, April 1, 2011

Memphis, TN

Shangri-la Records  - The best shop that I found in Memphis. A good-sized selection of all genres. Picked up a couple Metallica boots, a “My life in the Bush of Ghosts” 7” from UK, two Stones imports, a Stones “Miss You” promo and a Pretenders promo. I will definitely be coming back to this place.
Highly recommended.

Goner Records -  A nice shop with a good mix of all genres. I picked up a Pistols EP from the UK and an SSD “How we Rock” LP at a good price. It’s in a cool little part of town. Recommended.

Audiomania  – Lots of common Lps here in not the best shape, spent about 4 minutes here and then bailed. Not recommended.

River Records - Oh man. And I thought the record hoarder in Little Rock was bad. This guy makes that guy look normal. This place is unbelievable. When you go through the front door you are surrounded by piles of records and all sorts of other crap. As you wind your way into the main room, the piles become bigger and bigger. It is about this time that you notice the smell of cat urine and more piles of records, comic books and whatever else. Holy Jesus, a total nightmare. No organization at all. Nothing is priced, nothing is categorized, the condition of the LP’s are bad, the place is dusty, dirty and as I said, the place smells like cat piss. River Records. Someone should take these records and throw them in the river. You should avoid this place like the plague, unless of course you want to just stop by out of morbid curiosity and see what a sick person who has a hoarding disorder looks like.  

River Records entryway including moldy coffee maker and pot
Total Train Wreck


  1. Yeah, River Records is one fucked place. Motto should be "Come by once and you'll never be back"

  2. The owner was shot and killed today. The place may have been unsanitary and not to your liking but he loved his store and lived and died there.

  3. For anyone that comes across this - River Records is a wonderful record place with gems that you actually have to dig for. No organization is part of the thrill as you dig through a stack that seems like nothing and find something amazing that the guy probably prices at $10 when any other record shop is charging at least $30. Jerry Gibson, the owner who was shot and killed in the shop yesterday was a kind, sweet man with incredible stories and an encyclopedic knowledge of vinyl. The thought that this happened to him and that River Records won't be around anymore is tragic.

  4. That is really bad / sad news. Sorry to hear that.