Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Columbus, OH

Original promo poster my brother purchased at Used Kids

Used Kids Records
I have been in this shop several times over the years when I'm in town, they have a decent selection of used vinyl. I am usually able to find at least one or two records. This was the case today. I flipped through all they had on the floor and walked out with a Spanish pressing of The Doors "Soft Parade" and a cool Stones bootleg. Sometime last year when i was here, i got a UK Ramones "Rock n Roll High School" soundtrack. I have also been in here and gotten skunked. i heard these people are regular eBay sellers, that would explain the owner guy taking photos of vintage 7" sleeves when i was there. A few years back, my brother won an awesome Sabbath "Sabotage" promo poster on eBay from this shop. What a score. They have a good mix of all genres and CD's too. 1980 N High Street #3, Columbus, OH. Highly Recommended 

Lost Weekend Records
This would be my second trip into this shop. It's an old house. The owner is friendly and helpful. He played the Cars RSD 7" while I was in there. It sounded just like any old Cars songs. I picked up a Police Portuguese pressing of the 1st album, that was it, they have lots of good stuff in here of all genres. If your in Columbus, don't miss this one. 2960 N. High St. Highly Recommended.

Wizard! and Four Million B.C.
Spoonful Records
This is a new shop here in town. The owners dad is super friendly. He walks up and starts giving you information. He says they have been open for 9 months now. A good selection of used vinyl at good prices. They have 2 vintage pinball machines set to free play as well. What a great mix, second hand vinyl and pinball. Dad will tell you all about the pinball games too. All the record bins are on wheels and dad says they have bands play in the shop sometimes. I like the vibe here, like your in his living room or something. I picked up a few LP's here including two Neil Young German pressings. He was giving away free Ozzy RSD promo posters the day I was there. There is free parking around back in the bike shop parking lot next door. 116 E Long st. Columbus, OH 43215  Highly Recommended.

There are other record shops in Columbus, but these three are the only ones truly worth visiting if your into used vinyl.

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