Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Phoenix, AZ

Revolver Records. North 2nd street, Phoenix, AZ
I only had about an hour in PHX so I picked this shop to spend my hour. I knew I had the right place when I walk in the door and they are playing Robin Trower “Bridge of Sighs” on vinyl no less. Nice. I really like the vibe they have going here, patio furniture in front of the shop and free WI-FI. The used vinyl selection was modest but there is real quality here. Prices are very reasonable. Most used LP's average less than $10. I bought a Rod Stewart boot for $9.99, a Ted Nugent promo for $2.99 and a Stones German press of “Goats Head Soup” for $12.99. They also sell used CD's and other stuff. I will definetly be back to this place. Highly recommended.


  1. My mother just passed and she had hundreds of 78's and 45's from when she was young. I want to sell them but not sure of the value or who I shound consult. Can you help?

    Gene goliver@arizonaiceman.com

  2. hello. you should try eBay first. type in some or all of the titles and see what the current market values are.
    or you could search online for similar titles. if you sell to a record shop or other dealer they will give you much less than current market value. best to spend time with it and do the homework

    good luck

  3. Hi, I want to invite you over to Turtle's Treasures here in Phoenix. We have a pretty good selection of vintage vinyl. Lots of local collectors have enjoyed spending some time treasure hunting here. We are located at 2133 E. Indian School Rd. Phx, AZ 85016.
    We have a lot of vintage rock n roll as well as other artist. We try to make it a fun place for all. Come on by and hang out for awhile.

  4. Hello, I will check out your shop next time I'm in Phoenix

  5. inherited a bunch of lps early rolling stones beatles who was looking online and it seems im setting on a bit of money i even have a 68 beatles white album with posters and pics in good shape gona stop by monday

  6. Several good vinyl options in Phoenix area:

    Zia: Don't bother with either Tempe location, they don't organize the stock by band and they always have the same selection in the used area.

    Zia Phoenix: 19th & Camelback, much better option. Vinyl organized by most major artists.

    Revolver Records: Both Phoenix and Tempe locations are outstanding, well organized and I found everything from Skinny Puppy to Billy Joel. A little higher priced than used Zia, but better selection.

    Stinkweeds: Camelback and Central, not bad, small shop with most new titles available, but not a great used selection. Certainly worth stopping by as it is near Revolver.

    Bookmans: Yeah, don't waste your time, just as bad as Tucson for Vinyl.

    That's the Phoenix Vinyl market in a nutshell. My advice is make the circle: Zia (Camelback/ 19th) > Stinkweeds > Revolver (Phoenix) > Revolver (Tempe).

    God I miss PDQ records in Tucson...

  7. Hello,

    I am a realtor and have a client selling their home and they have thousands ( at least that is what it looks like) of records that were owned by his father. From what I am told most of them are big band music, jazz, ect. If you are interested they are looking for someone to buy all of them. email me Gordon@az1homesearch.com or 602-552-6421

  8. I have a 750 vinyl album collection willed to me by my brother, they are boxed inorder of decade as well as 78 ,s from the 40,s and 50,s. He took extraordinary care of his vinyl as he was a music professor and connosuier 623-322-9172