Saturday, March 12, 2011

North Carolina

Nicknamed the Queen City, Charlotte and its resident county are named in honor of the German Princess Charlotte of Mecklenberg, who had become queen consort of British King George III the year before the city's founding.  

Manifest Discs - Big selection of everything, new and used CD, DVD, LP's, books, toys, etc. Friendly staff. Good pricing. Scored a Who double LP from France, a Tom Petty 12" promo, a Fripp "League of Gentlemen" promo and some Psychedelic Furs import 12"'s. They have a good sized stage in the rear middle of the store, so they must do live shows here. 6239 South Blvd. Highly Recommended.
Manifest LP dept

Lunchbox - Cool shop, was here a couple years back and only managed to come up with two LP's to buy, did much better this time around. Picked up an Aerosmith "Get Your Wings" Canadian pressing, a Kiss "Platinum" Canadian pressing, a CCR UK pressing and a Sabbath clear vinyl "Technical Ecstasy" LP. They specialize in punk but have a decent selection and stock of most genres. 1419-A Central Ave.  Highly Recommended.

Wax Museum - They store a lot of common, dusty, beat up and scratchy records in this place. They have more 45's than anything all in metal drawers. Located right across the street from the cemetery, rather appropriate. They should take all the product in this shop, haul it across the street and bury it. I dug for 30 minutes and found two Winter bros 7" records. Oh yea, nothing is priced, so you take what you think you might want to buy to the counter and then they grade and price it there on the spot. Retarded. Mine were $3 each. Some Mexican dude walked in and stood around looking super confused, he says he was looking for the "museum", says the clerk "we are a record store", so the guy walks outside to his car and had to explain to his wife why she wasn't going to the wax museum today. Pretty funny shit. Not Recommended.

Harvest Records - Picked up a super sweet BOC "Godzilla" 12" DJ promo with both a studio and live version of the song. Nice store, decent selection of used vinyl. Some collectable LP's on the wall like Dylan boots, etc. Friendly staff. Recommended.

Harvest pre owned LP's
Voltage Records - Real good shop, bought a Stones boot, a Blue Sky Dan Hartman promo, a German Johnny Winter double live LP and a Stones UK Decca release. Had a good mix of all genres. Recommended.
Voltage LP's

Static Age - Had some cool used hi-fi gear, not a bad shop, just nothing there for me. Spent about 10 minutes here, then walked down the street to Voltage.

Karmasonics - The second hand LP selection sucked. 3 minutes here.

Mr K's Used Books Music and More - They should do the same thing that Bookmans in Tucson should do, throw their used LP's in the trash and use that floorspace to sell something else in that location because what they are selling in LP's is garbage. 2 minutes here.

Gravity Records - Good shop. Pleasantly surprised by this shop. Picked up a "Paul is Live" UK LP, (hard to find these) for $10 and a Soundgarden promo. Recommended.

Yellow Dog Discs - Picked up a few LPs here. not a bad shop, worth a look if your in town.

Raleigh - Nothing happening here as far as good used vinyl shops. If somebody can prove me wrong, please do.


  1. Great blog idea. I have the same obsession and write a blog, too. Jerry's recorsds in Pittsburgh is the best.

  2. How about CFBG in Greensboro?

  3. CFBG in Greensboro is not even close to being a great record store!

  4. I am looking for someone who can tell me approximately what a 45s' and 33 1/3 records and albums are worth. I manage a The Lighthouse Boutique Thrift Store for a Domestic Abuse and Rape Crisis Center. It is an all volunteer operation. Money taken in goes to help victims of these crimes. Some of the 45 records are duets by Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe and Marilyn singing Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend, Perry Como and others.

    Could someone help me with this matter.

    Thank you; my name is Brenda Edwards and my e-mail address is E-mail me a phone # and I will get back with you. We are a subsidiary of Sarah's Refuge Domestic Abuse and Rape Crisis Center located in Warsaw, NC Thanks for your help.