Saturday, March 19, 2011

Little Rock, AR

Arkansas Record and CD Exchange - There are only two shops here in town that are noteworthy. They need to change the name of this shop to Velvet Rope Records because about 8 feet inside the front door, there is a velvet rope waiting for you that you need permission to pass through like your at a swanky night club or something. There at the velvet rope is a sign about how no backpacks are allowed and to leave your jacket here on the coat rack. WTF? He must have gotten tired of being robbed blind. I heard from a promoter here in town that when she took Glen Danzig to this shop, and after owner asked Glen to remove his leather jacket, said Glen after departing from AR & CDE, "I should have punched that guy in the fucking face"  Hilarious.

OK, so we didn't get off on the right foot with the whole remove your jacket BS, but he does have some really good records here and the prices reflect that. Picked up a few LP's mostly imports from bands that start with the letters A and B. see above. Other than his shoplifting paranoia, Bill seemed like an OK guy. He's out of space. He should just take over the 'for lease' former donut shop next door, knock out the wall and expand. I really don't like shopping for LP's when they are cataloged on a shelf, it's just too damn time consuming and makes for a frustrating experience, I would prefer to flip through them. Good selection of all genres here. Recommended.
4212 MacArthur drive North Little Rock, AR 72118

The velvet rope
Whoa, hold up there good buddy, hang up that thar coat and backpack
The used LP hall
Been Around Records - This guy is a hoarder. Got a real kick out this place. Shit piled all over the place. It looks like rats come out to eat record jackets at night because there are record jacket crumbs all over the floor, a vacuum sits there, must be broken. Dusty, dirty and pretty disorganized. The LP's are not in plastic sleeves so while the vinyl is in really good shape, the jackets are not. The LP's are not priced either, so you get to play 'hand the LP's to the owner and let him tell you how much each one costs' game. Not fun. Get this, I go outside to get some air, come back 5 minutes later and the owner has already put back all six LP's I was thinking about purchasing. WHAT?! he's got thousands of albums laying all over the place to the point that you you trip over them, crates full of records on top of other records and he's got a hair up his ass to put MY records away before I get to my car??! He's got so much crap, it's piled up so damn high that the area where he rings you up, he is literally up to his chin in CD plastic retail cases. Jesus Christ. I spent an hour in here and bought one $2 B-52's promo. this place is not so recommended. News flash:  YOU NEED A BIGGER RETAIL SPACE PAL. I'm calling the TV show Hoarders.

Total nightmare
Hoarder HQ


  1. I have a collection of late sixties and early seventies rock and roll 33 albums for sale. Where can I sell it?

  2. Hey Anonymous, you can always bring them in to our store that was reviewed above, The Arkansas Record-CD Exchange, but you'll need to hang up your coat and backpack! LOL Snake

  3. Do you buy old L P records in great condition?
    Ex: Mick Jagger She's the Boss??/

  4. John at Been Around may be a hoarder now, but back in the '80s and '90s... the shop was decent. I have been shopping records in Little Rock for three decades now, and John is a great guy and is always my first stop when I need something. Somehow, he ALWAYS knows if he has it, and doesn't hesitate to find it for you in the mess. All you gotta do is ask! As for the "bring it to me and I'll price it" mentality... don't fret. He is MORE than fair with his prices.

    Bill at Arkansas Record and CD Exchange, however, is a different story. He is completely oblivious to modern pricing, and goes strictly by the Neely Goldmine pricing books... and it's ALWAYS the NM price, regardless of condition. You want a copy of "Gilbert O'Sullivan Himself?" You're going to pay $15 for it at Bill's... IF you can get into the record section, that is. Another thing about Bill: Don't EVER try to correct him about ANYTHING. Bill knows everything, and you don't. Period. Really, he's kind of a dick. My advice is to go on his day off when his girlfriend (wife?) Snake runs the store. She's okay! I think it used to be Tuesdays, but I just can't be bothered to go there anymore after being so put-off by him.

    In short:
    You want friendly service in a cluttered store? Go to Been Around.
    You want to pay book prices and be treated like a ignorant criminal in a relatively tidy store? Go to Arkansas Record and CD Exchange

    1. Well, I sure didn't know all that. First of all, I do not own a Neely book. Second, all of our prices are compared to the actual selling cost of records on Ebay, Popsike and Collectors Frenzy. Third I know some things, but I learn something everyday. Fourth, my wife has not worked in the store for over four years. Lastly, I've had problems with theft and do ask my customers and friends to hang up their coats. This is the 19th year for that policy. I am not perfect, but also not anonymous.
      Bill Eginton owner -Arkansas Record CD Exchange

    2. This was before the age of eBay, Bill. You say you don't own a Neely book... yet you've been in business since the '80s? Bullshit. I've *seen* you use the Neely guides! Tell me you didn't carry those books around with you at record conventions in the early 2000s....

      You've always treated your customers like shit. I've come into your store on more than one occasion and bought hundreds of dollars worth of records each time, and you still treated me like I was a bother to you. I've even run into you at record conventions, and you were a *total* dick to me even then! I've given you more than one chance, and I could have been a loyal customer for life... but you fucked it up, Bill.

      My friends keep saying "Why don't I see you at RSD down at NLR R&CD?" It's because you're a horrible person to deal with, Bill. Mellow out a bit, why don't 'cha? Seriously, you're like all the stereotypes from "High Fidelity" rolled into one!

      As for Snake not working there anymore... well, that's a shame. She was a pleasure to deal with. In fact, she gave the store an entirely different atmosphere when she was there.

      You know what? There's only *one* collector I know in LR I've ever heard speak well of you. Harold Ott, and it's probably because Psych of The South is free advertising for you... so, you probably treated him like a human instead of some type of life form well below you.

      In short, I'd love to support a local business, and you'd have *all* of my business if you weren't you. However, I'd rather deal with a faceless individual in some other part of the country without seeing the record I'm buying than deal with your sour condescending ass.

      As for being "anonymous"? I tried *hard* to build a relationship with you as a buyer, but you thwarted me at every turn... so, why should I see myself as anything *but* anonymous?

    3. I have had my run-ins with Bill and his jacket removal demands surely cost him in developing new customers in some cases. I guess he feels shoplifting losses justify that. I think he is mistaken. Bill also likes to give his big buying customers pet nick names. I don't see any business reasoning to that either. He is from and was raised in Minnesota. Maybe that explains some of all that.

      As for John Harris. Kind of aloof with me but he stated several times years ago that I bought all he best stuff. He was always damn reasonable with his pricing when you carried the records to him.

    4. I've been in Bill's store many times, and have had many good conversations with him (I'm the lawyer from Fort Smith, Bill, if you're seeing this). I do agree that the store is too crowded, but in these days of being able to get things on-line, it's probably best that things are on hand rather than telling a customer "I can have it for you in a couple of days."

      I have only been in Been Around a few times--just not as convenient to where I'm usually going when in Little Rock--and I've not shopped for vinyl there. The "I'll price it at the counter" thing would be off-putting for me. The clutter there is worse that at Arkansas Record and CD Exchange. The owner was nice when I talked to him.

      All in all, these two stores are in a struggling business--it's hard to compete with free on YouTube or Spotify--and the customers should understand it's easy to say "they need to get a bigger building" when the customer isn't paying the rent.

  5. I have about I don't know a couple hundred probly vinyl records anything from Michael Jackson to Madonna to fleet wood Mac Neil diamond you name it and I want to sell them, I live in quitman which is close to Conway AR and my email is or call me 501-270-9209 there taking up space and I need to move them get ahold of me my names James

  6. I should have also probly mentioned Aerosmith eagles Steve miller etc. a lot of Kool bands and I have a lot of em so ya get ahold of me

  7. My name is Brandi, and I have a collection of vinyl that I would like to sell. Everything from Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Conway Twitty. Mostly older stuff. Most are in very good condition. If interested please contact me at 501-322-0135. Thanks

  8. I've got several folders of old 78rpms from the 40s & 50s plus 4 or 5 folders of classical 78s that I would like to sell, if possible. Been moving them from house to house and I'm tired of it. Any reasonable offer considered. Just want them to go to a good home. Will bring to LR for you to see if you like. You can contact me @ if you or someone you know would be interested.

  9. I have a lot of records....lots. From Bob Seger to the Beatles (Abby road so.2-383 capital rec. I have a lot of classic rock....over 200records. Another 200 hundred in jazz and blues, b b king 10 record set.....want to sell all for 200.00$. My number 5015393455 .

  10. I was going to drive to Little Rock to find some albums. I'm from Ft. Smith area and getting back into vinyl. I don't really like eBay for record buying. After reading all of the comments, I'm kind of scared to. I think I'll see what's available in Tulsa.

  11. I have a beetles 'white album'. The one with two vinyls and poster/portraits. In pretty great shape. Anybody on here who knows somebody interested in purchasing it? I've heard it's rare