Friday, March 18, 2011

Cleveland, OH

Cleveland has two shops that are worth going to, any other shop and you may be wasting your time. Here are the good ones:

My Minds Eye has moved to a new location. No photos yet. Here is the new address: 11600 Detroit Ave, Cleveland

My Minds Eye - If your in CLE you have to visit My Minds Eye. This is a super cool shop. Charles is the owner and he is always up for talking about all things music. He has plenty of musical knowledge up in that noggin of his. If Charles isn't in, his dad is. Pops doesn't know music, so if you want the royal treatment, get there after about 4pm. People always seem to be hanging out in his shop and talking music. I've met some really cool people in his shop. Good vibe, good stock, excellent prices. He specializes in punk and metal, but has pretty much everything. Good selection of both new and used vinyl and there is a whole other room with just CD's in it. I have taken some awesome records out of this place over the years and always make it a point to check in here when I'm in town.
11600 Detroit Ave, Cleveland,OH. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

 Talking music

Elvis boot
East German pressing
another boot

Peppers promo

Blue Arrow - This shop has gotten really good over the past couple years. They keep their shop stocked with plenty of consignment product, which is lots of second hand vinyl and some books, magazines and posters. Really good stuff. Friendly staff and good prices. I have bought some super cool stuff here at Blue Arrow. This place is on the other side of town on the east side. They have a stage in the store and I've seen bands play live there. Check out the floor, it is completely tiled in LP covers, pretty awesome. 16001 Waterloo Road Cleveland, OH. Highly Recommended.
The awesome LP tiled floor at Blue Arrow

That's right. You don't see these everyday. OG Pistols bootlegs. Totally awesome.

Hodad's Music and Collectables - I AM TOLD HODAD'S HAVE CLOSED THEIR DOORS. R.I.P.

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