Saturday, March 19, 2011

Little Rock, AR

Arkansas Record and CD Exchange - There are only two shops here in town that are noteworthy. They need to change the name of this shop to Velvet Rope Records because about 8 feet inside the front door, there is a velvet rope waiting for you that you need permission to pass through like your at a swanky night club or something. There at the velvet rope is a sign about how no backpacks are allowed and to leave your jacket here on the coat rack. WTF? He must have gotten tired of being robbed blind. I heard from a promoter here in town that when she took Glen Danzig to this shop, and after owner asked Glen to remove his leather jacket, said Glen after departing from AR & CDE, "I should have punched that guy in the fucking face"  Hilarious.

OK, so we didn't get off on the right foot with the whole remove your jacket BS, but he does have some really good records here and the prices reflect that. Picked up a few LP's mostly imports from bands that start with the letters A and B. see above. Other than his shoplifting paranoia, Bill seemed like an OK guy. He's out of space. He should just take over the 'for lease' former donut shop next door, knock out the wall and expand. I really don't like shopping for LP's when they are cataloged on a shelf, it's just too damn time consuming and makes for a frustrating experience, I would prefer to flip through them. Good selection of all genres here. Recommended.
4212 MacArthur drive North Little Rock, AR 72118

The velvet rope
Whoa, hold up there good buddy, hang up that thar coat and backpack
The used LP hall
Been Around Records - This guy is a hoarder. Got a real kick out this place. Shit piled all over the place. It looks like rats come out to eat record jackets at night because there are record jacket crumbs all over the floor, a vacuum sits there, must be broken. Dusty, dirty and pretty disorganized. The LP's are not in plastic sleeves so while the vinyl is in really good shape, the jackets are not. The LP's are not priced either, so you get to play 'hand the LP's to the owner and let him tell you how much each one costs' game. Not fun. Get this, I go outside to get some air, come back 5 minutes later and the owner has already put back all six LP's I was thinking about purchasing. WHAT?! he's got thousands of albums laying all over the place to the point that you you trip over them, crates full of records on top of other records and he's got a hair up his ass to put MY records away before I get to my car??! He's got so much crap, it's piled up so damn high that the area where he rings you up, he is literally up to his chin in CD plastic retail cases. Jesus Christ. I spent an hour in here and bought one $2 B-52's promo. this place is not so recommended. News flash:  YOU NEED A BIGGER RETAIL SPACE PAL. I'm calling the TV show Hoarders.

Total nightmare
Hoarder HQ

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cleveland, OH

Cleveland has two shops that are worth going to, any other shop and you may be wasting your time. Here are the good ones:

My Minds Eye has moved to a new location. No photos yet. Here is the new address: 11600 Detroit Ave, Cleveland

My Minds Eye - If your in CLE you have to visit My Minds Eye. This is a super cool shop. Charles is the owner and he is always up for talking about all things music. He has plenty of musical knowledge up in that noggin of his. If Charles isn't in, his dad is. Pops doesn't know music, so if you want the royal treatment, get there after about 4pm. People always seem to be hanging out in his shop and talking music. I've met some really cool people in his shop. Good vibe, good stock, excellent prices. He specializes in punk and metal, but has pretty much everything. Good selection of both new and used vinyl and there is a whole other room with just CD's in it. I have taken some awesome records out of this place over the years and always make it a point to check in here when I'm in town.
11600 Detroit Ave, Cleveland,OH. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

 Talking music

Elvis boot
East German pressing
another boot

Peppers promo

Blue Arrow - This shop has gotten really good over the past couple years. They keep their shop stocked with plenty of consignment product, which is lots of second hand vinyl and some books, magazines and posters. Really good stuff. Friendly staff and good prices. I have bought some super cool stuff here at Blue Arrow. This place is on the other side of town on the east side. They have a stage in the store and I've seen bands play live there. Check out the floor, it is completely tiled in LP covers, pretty awesome. 16001 Waterloo Road Cleveland, OH. Highly Recommended.
The awesome LP tiled floor at Blue Arrow

That's right. You don't see these everyday. OG Pistols bootlegs. Totally awesome.

Hodad's Music and Collectables - I AM TOLD HODAD'S HAVE CLOSED THEIR DOORS. R.I.P.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

North Carolina

Nicknamed the Queen City, Charlotte and its resident county are named in honor of the German Princess Charlotte of Mecklenberg, who had become queen consort of British King George III the year before the city's founding.  

Manifest Discs - Big selection of everything, new and used CD, DVD, LP's, books, toys, etc. Friendly staff. Good pricing. Scored a Who double LP from France, a Tom Petty 12" promo, a Fripp "League of Gentlemen" promo and some Psychedelic Furs import 12"'s. They have a good sized stage in the rear middle of the store, so they must do live shows here. 6239 South Blvd. Highly Recommended.
Manifest LP dept

Lunchbox - Cool shop, was here a couple years back and only managed to come up with two LP's to buy, did much better this time around. Picked up an Aerosmith "Get Your Wings" Canadian pressing, a Kiss "Platinum" Canadian pressing, a CCR UK pressing and a Sabbath clear vinyl "Technical Ecstasy" LP. They specialize in punk but have a decent selection and stock of most genres. 1419-A Central Ave.  Highly Recommended.

Wax Museum - They store a lot of common, dusty, beat up and scratchy records in this place. They have more 45's than anything all in metal drawers. Located right across the street from the cemetery, rather appropriate. They should take all the product in this shop, haul it across the street and bury it. I dug for 30 minutes and found two Winter bros 7" records. Oh yea, nothing is priced, so you take what you think you might want to buy to the counter and then they grade and price it there on the spot. Retarded. Mine were $3 each. Some Mexican dude walked in and stood around looking super confused, he says he was looking for the "museum", says the clerk "we are a record store", so the guy walks outside to his car and had to explain to his wife why she wasn't going to the wax museum today. Pretty funny shit. Not Recommended.

Harvest Records - Picked up a super sweet BOC "Godzilla" 12" DJ promo with both a studio and live version of the song. Nice store, decent selection of used vinyl. Some collectable LP's on the wall like Dylan boots, etc. Friendly staff. Recommended.

Harvest pre owned LP's
Voltage Records - Real good shop, bought a Stones boot, a Blue Sky Dan Hartman promo, a German Johnny Winter double live LP and a Stones UK Decca release. Had a good mix of all genres. Recommended.
Voltage LP's

Static Age - Had some cool used hi-fi gear, not a bad shop, just nothing there for me. Spent about 10 minutes here, then walked down the street to Voltage.

Karmasonics - The second hand LP selection sucked. 3 minutes here.

Mr K's Used Books Music and More - They should do the same thing that Bookmans in Tucson should do, throw their used LP's in the trash and use that floorspace to sell something else in that location because what they are selling in LP's is garbage. 2 minutes here.

Gravity Records - Good shop. Pleasantly surprised by this shop. Picked up a "Paul is Live" UK LP, (hard to find these) for $10 and a Soundgarden promo. Recommended.

Yellow Dog Discs - Picked up a few LPs here. not a bad shop, worth a look if your in town.

Raleigh - Nothing happening here as far as good used vinyl shops. If somebody can prove me wrong, please do.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Phoenix, AZ

Revolver Records. North 2nd street, Phoenix, AZ
I only had about an hour in PHX so I picked this shop to spend my hour. I knew I had the right place when I walk in the door and they are playing Robin Trower “Bridge of Sighs” on vinyl no less. Nice. I really like the vibe they have going here, patio furniture in front of the shop and free WI-FI. The used vinyl selection was modest but there is real quality here. Prices are very reasonable. Most used LP's average less than $10. I bought a Rod Stewart boot for $9.99, a Ted Nugent promo for $2.99 and a Stones German press of “Goats Head Soup” for $12.99. They also sell used CD's and other stuff. I will definetly be back to this place. Highly recommended.

Tucson, AZ

Twist and Shout
This was my first time in this shop. I like the way the owner has everything organized and priced. All product is marked on the outer plastic sleeve with the artist name, the catalog number, title, price and anything that is special about the item such as “promo”, “German pressing” and so on. I liked that, as it was a real time saver. Prices are super reasonable with most LP’s in the $4.00 range. The owner seemed cool. This will be a regular stop when I’m in TUS. I bought several import LP’s and an Aerosmith “S.O.S.” wlp 7” for $3.00  5741 E. Speedway, Tucson, AZ

So, I drive to PDQ and there is a sign on the locked gated doors, “This is the place, please be patient”. I look inside the window, thousands of LP’s everywhere. I call their number, disconnected. I ask around town and people tell me that they have been closed for 4 months and this time may be the last time. So it sounds like good old PDQ may be down for the count. They used to be so good. My brother and I used to make two trips a year to PDQ from about 1991 to around 1999. Then they changed hands and things went downhill. Since then the stock has been weak and totally picked over. Pretty disappointing because for me, for a very long time they were the best used record store in the U.S. They always seemed to get a steady supply of imports, promos and the occasional bootleg. It appears to me the other shops in town are now picking up the slack. R.I.P.

3370 E. Speedway location. I went to the Speedway store and was pleasantly surprised by the selection of vinyl. I used to stop by Zia in years past and they never had much in he way of collectible vinyl. They always had a decent selection of new/used CD’s and DVD, and they still do but it appears they have stepped it up in the vinyl dept. The Speedway store has a fair amount of used vinyl. I got a Pink Floyd German "Dark Side of the Moon" quad for $12.99, a Japanese Doors “Soft Parade” for $12 and an Aerosmith “Get Your Wings” promo for $1.99   Suck on that.

The 3655 N. Oracle rd location has done a much better job with their vinyl dept. than the Speedway store, there is more quantity and quality. I picked up quite a bit here. They had 7” vinyl on sale, 8 for $5. I bought a bunch, many wlp Queen and the Who. In LP’s I got an Alice Cooper UK pressing, a Queen pirate picture disc for $10 and 2 Yellowman LP’s for $8, and a few other titles as well. pretty sweet.

They sell 2nd hand LP's at all 3 TUS locations but don't bother wasting your time looking for records at Bookman's. They should take what they have out for sale and throw them in the trash and use the floor space for more books, magazines, CD's and DVD's (which are good) because the vinyl they have for sale is total garbage.